You Shouldn’t Hate LeBron James

LeBron James

Over the past several years, LeBron James has gotten a lot of criticism and hate from fans and journalists. He took a big hit to his reputation when he went through “The Decision” on live TV just to announce that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and going to the Miami Heat. Even though that was over five years ago, people are still upset at him for it and don’t respect him. But this is extremely absurd of everyone who still holds a grudge against him, because he’s the best basketball player in the world right now and he’s phenomenal to watch.

I’ll admit, I thought it was pretty stupid and selfish of LeBron to do “The Decision” when nobody had done anything like that before. However, everyone makes mistakes and he has even admitted that he wouldn’t have done it again if he had the chance to. He’s learned from it, and that should be enough for fans to get over the choice he made. Others aren’t really mad at the way he made his decision, but the actual decision he made to go from Cleveland to Miami and then back to his home state with the Cavs. Changing teams is part of sports though. And can you blame him for wanting to go to a better team that would give him a better chance to win a championship? He did what most players would’ve done in that situation, the media just blew it way out of proportion.

The reason fans give for hating LeBron that I dislike the most is that “he’s too good of a player and he wins too much so I’m going to root against him.” He’s the greatest player in the game and some of the things he does when he plays are unreal. I’ve never seen anyone dislike a player like Tim Duncan just because he’s won several championships. Just watching LeBron James perform on the court is a spectacle itself. Many people took this route of cheering against him last year in the NBA Finals because they didn’t want to see him get a three-peat. I, for one, was rooting for him then because I wanted to see history be made, something that doesn’t happen often.

LeBron James is an outstanding player, and basketball fans need to start learning to respect him. So what if he made a stupid mistake when he was 25 – we all have at that age. He’s made it to the NBA Finals five years in a row, and you need to respect talent like that.

This article is a part of our ongoing “Opposites Attack” series where we aim to play devil’s advocate on hot topics in the sports and entertainment world while providing a fresh perspective of these subjects.

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