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YO! The 90s Rap Label Bracket Is Live & Direct

Considering March Madness is in full swing and every blog under the sun is running some sort of bracket, I figured I would join the fray by pitting labels from the golden era of hip-hop against one another.

So dust off your Air Max 95s and bust out that Coogi sweater because we’re pitting the most influential rap labels from the 1990s* against each other in this battle to the (fresh to) death.

We will update the voting each Wednesday starting today until we’re left with one label left standing. Ya dig?

*I took into account record sales, “hall of famers”, 5 Mic albums, roster depth and the number of years influenced during the decade (e.g., Swisha House and Ruff Ryders are more 2000s labels than 90s ones)

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