WWE RAW Review (8/12): Triple H Overturns Vince McMahon’s Ruling

[twu word=”#WWE #RAW #TripleH #CM Punk #Summerslam ” type=”query” count=”” timer=”” autoplay=”1″ multiple=”false” width=””]Raw started off with a bit of a bang with Daniel Bryan going up against Wade Barrett to settle a feud last week when Vince McMahon ordered Bryan to shave his beard with Barrett assisting with the shaving until Bryan attacked him. Barrett was looking for revenge as things got more interesting last night as RAW general manager Brad Maddox made himself guest referee, and eventually cost Bryan the match with a quick three count.

McMahon came to the ring later on in the show addressing the quick count, and wanting answers from Maddox.  Maddox decided he wanted to make up for the quick count by being the guest referee in the WWE championship match at Summerslam between John Cena, and Bryan. McMahon went on to asking questions of Maddox’s credibility of refereeing the main event at Summerslam, and eventually granted Maddox’s wish.

Until Triple H showed up.

Hunter agreed with McMahon that a guest referee should be involved the match, but believed he should be the guest referee which will happen at Summerslam.

Mark Henry was the favorite in the 20-man battle royal last night for the number one contender to face Dean Ambrose for the United States championship at Summerslam,  but fell short to Rob Van Dam who pulled the top rope over Henry to win the royal.

The TV show, “Total Divas” made its way into RAW as of late as the  Brie Bella retaliated with a slap of their own who Natalya issued to Brie Bella last week on RAW. The situation has prompted a one on one match at Summerslam with between both divas.

CM Punk outsmarted Paul Heyman who issued a one on one match with Punk a week ago on RAW knowing Heyman would bring Brock Lesnar to ring for a two on one assault which Heyman did.  Punk’s music hit, as he ambushed Heyman, and Lesnar from behind as Punk proceeded to hit Lesnar with a TV camera multiple times, and with multiple chair shots as well leaving Lesnar laying outside of the ring.

Once Lesnar was down, Heyman was left alone in the ring as he pleaded for help. Heyman proceeded to run up the ramp, to the backstage as Curtis Axel came to fight Punk but ended up being a victim of, “Go To Sleep” as RAW went off the air.


Other RAW Notes:

Bryan, and WWE Champion Cena got into a heated exchange on “Miz TV” where Cena Slapped Bryan

The Usos defeated The Real Americans

World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston

Kane defeated Titus O’Neil

The Great Khali, and Natalya defeated Divas champion A.J. Lee, and Big E. Langston

Randy Orton defeated Damien Sandow



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