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When WWE announced that Smackdown would be going live, we were given an interesting tidbit via Variety…there was going to be a draft. The idea behind it was to revamp Smackdown and breathe some fresh air into RAW. The concept of a WWE draft isn’t new, the company use to run one every year but let it die back in 2011, so why bring it back now?

WWE might very well have it’s biggest roster to date…but with the stagnate storylines and mundane ratings you would never be able to guess that. So will a draft be the push WWE needs to regain it’s excitement or are we just looking at a big waste of time?

Speaking of wasting time…myself and the boss (no not Sasha Banks) decided to throw together a mock draft. Derek got his hands on the mother show RAW, while I was in charge with revamping Smackdown, needless to say the children aren’t going to care for are smarky smark shows, but I’m sure the internet will have something to say.

-Raw had first pick & Smackdown the second one
-Tag Teams counted as one pick…we really used this to our advantage in some cases.
-You were allowed to pick anyone who currently or previously worked for the company.
-You were also allowed to take a wrestler’s manager along with them, buy you had to list them, a mistake that ended up hurting me.


No. 1 – Raw: Seth Rollins
He’s my headliner. He’s young enough I can build my promotion around him for years to come and he has enough name recognition to “put some butts in the seats”. Plus, the smarks dig him.

kevin owens

No. 2 – Smackdown: Kevin Owens
I’m not sure there is a guy on the roster who is loved as much as he is for being a dick. The perfect heel to chase the title and please both common viewers and the smarks.

AJ Styles

No. 3 – Raw: AJ Styles
I was this close to selecting the Face That Runs The Place right here, but since I’m positioning Seth as a babyface, he needs a foil like the Bullet Club to overcome.


No. 4 – Smackdown: Brock Lesnar
Lesnar might be the biggest name still with the company on a semi regular basis. Also one of the few people who make it easy to suspend disbelief in the business.


No. 5 – Raw: John Cena
Cena at #5? Hate him or love him, this is a value pick. Hello women and children demos!

Sasha Banks

No. 6 – Smackdown: Sasha Banks
Not going to lie this is where I planned to take John Cena. Instead I’m going to go a different route and take Sasha Banks. No female on the roster currently seems to have a ceiling or fan base like hers.


No. 7 – Raw: Bayley
Damn! I had the Bo$$ pegged here. I agree, no other female has the ceiling Banks has, but I’ll take the next best thing in the Hugster.


No. 8 – Smackdown: New Day
I’m going to take the New Day here…honestly has there been a wrestler let alone group of guys who’ve been so in tune to pop culture? These three men might be some of the most versatile talent on the roster.


No. 9 – Raw: Enzo & Big Cass
This is a certified pick of a bonafied tag team…AND YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT.

Dean Ambrose

No. 10 – Smackdown: Dean Ambrose
While I don’t get the allure behind Ambrose fans, especially children, seem to love this guy so I’m not going to argue with them.

Roman Reigns

No. 11 – Raw: Roman Reigns
Another value-based pick for me. I have my baby faces (Rollins, Bayley, Realest Guys) and my heel (AJ). Now I need a tweener.

Sami Zayn

No. 12 – Smackdown: Sami Zayn
If Daniel Bryan was a few inches taller he would be Sami Zayn. Zayn alongside Owens has the ability to be the brands stand out feud. Not to Zayn can work with just about anyone.


No. 13 – Raw: Shinsuke Nakamura
Rollins vs. Nak. Styles vs. Rollins. Cena vs. Reigns. Nak vs. Reigns. Nak vs. Cena. The dream match possiblities are endless and my brand now appeals to casuals and die-hards alike. It doesn’t hurt to have someone with Nak’s global appeal either. #worlddomination

Samoa Joe

No. 14 – Smackdown: Samoa Joe
Dream matches…you want to talk dream matches We’ve got Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn


No. 15 – Raw: The Wyatt Family
Am I allowed to do this? Let’s just say yes. I need heels and based on my current roster, Bray Wyatt and crew will be positioned near the top of the pecking order. No more jobbing to (insert babyface here) for these guys!


No. 16 – Smackdown: Rusev w/ Lana
It’s been a while since Rusev has done something I didn’t like


No. 17 – Raw: American Alpha
I might be selecting these guys earlier than I need to, but if I want to create the premier promotion for tag teams, I need ballers like Gable and Jordan on board. A side benefit for me is the singles potential for Gable.

via WWE

via WWE

No. 18 – Smackdown: Finn Balor
One of the best in ring talents currently on the roster. Balor has the potential to be just as big as Seth Rollins currently is.


No. 19 – Raw: Becky Lynch
This pick will make total sense later if the draft falls my way.


No. 20 – Smackdown: Emma
One of the most underutilized talents on the roster.

the club

No. 21 – Raw: The Club
I’ve got the Bullet (AJ Styles), now I need The Club. With the Biz Cliz, Wyatts, American Alpha and the Realest Guys all under one roof, I have now have THE premier tag team division in wrestling. Also, I’m turning Becky Lynch heel by christening her the Bullet Babe.


No. 22 – Smackdown: Cesaro
We’re really getting into that dream match talk by adding Ceasro to the list.


No. 23 – Raw: Asuka
It doesn’t matter how I fill out the rest of my women’s division. I’m set with the three I’ve selected so far.


No. 24 – Smackdown: Charlotte
Not going to lie Asuka was next up for me, but Charlotte being my backup plan isn’t too bad. One of the better heels currently on the roster.

Photo via WWE

Photo via WWE

No. 25 – Raw: Randy Orton
I haven’t picked a male singles wrestler since I picked Nakamura as my 7th pick so I’ll go with the Apex Predator here. He has name recognition and can straight up go when he’s motivated.


No. 26 – Smackdown: Alberto Del Rio
I feel like you got a copy of my draft board….With Randy off the board I’m going with my next available star Alberto Del Rio


No. 27 – Raw: Dolph Ziggler
Dolph is to the Bullet Club as DDP was to the nWo in my promotion.


No. 28 – Smackdown: Chris Jericho
I feel like I’m stealing one of the best to ever step foot in the ring here…Jericho can play both sides better than some can play one.


No. 29 – Raw: The Revival
Tag team back again! #whoopthereitis


No. 30 – Smackdown: Lucha Dragons
You’ve beat me to just about every other tag team I was going to take…Lucha Dragons are a fun & enjoyable team


No. 31 – Raw: Ethan Carter III
How did the WWE miss the boat on this guy the first time around?


No. 32 – Smackdown: Bobby Roode
Triple H likes himself so much he signed his Canadian copy…The guy is the It Factor.

via WWE

via WWE

No. 33 – Raw: Paul Heyman
Heyman covers my authority figure/commentator/manager needs.

Austin Aries

No. 34 – Smackdown: Austin Aries
The Greatest Man to ever live, also a great tag partner for Roode or foe.


No. 35 – Raw: Neville
Gravity may have forgetten him, but I sure haven’t.


No. 36 – Smackdown: Paige
What could very well be the final piece to my women’s division


No. 37 – Raw: Alexa Bliss
She’s the perfect heel manager…and she’s easy on the eyes. She can also act as “enhancement talent” to my murderers’ row of female talent.

hype bros

No. 38 – Smackdown: Hype Bros
Figured this is a great way to slide in Zack Ryder and help booster my sort of lackluster tag team division


No. 39 – Raw: Hideo Itami
I REALLY wanted to pick Renee Young here because she’s BAE, but Itami deserves a main roster run. I promise not to package him and Swagsuke together in a racist tag team.

kurt angle

No. 40 – Smackdown: Kurt Angle
I left my surprise pick for last….The return of Mr.Smackdown himself Kurt “Freakin” Angle

With that we close out the first ever NCB Mock WWE Draft…without a single McMahon. I’d like to also add that both Derek and I had Renee Young a top our announcers list, eventually we hope Vince does to. In the meantime a Mauro Ranallo & Corey Gaves pairing would be nice *wink* *wink*

Now jump on Twitter and let us know who you thought had the better draft Derek (Raw) or Me (Smackdown)

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