WWE: 20 Ideas Analysis Part 1


[twu word=”#WWE #Undertaker #TripleH ” type=”query” count=”” timer=”” autoplay=”1″ multiple=”false” width=””]In the John Report, written by John Canton, he had 20 ideas in which the WWE could go with within the next year, and I found them to be interesting. I will be breaking them down as a four-part series, and I will go from the most interesting aspects on down.

John’s first idea was for Damien Sandow to cash in the money in the bank at next year’s Wrestlemania. To me, it would depend on what kind of draw Sandow would get at that point in time. Right now, he is a mid-tier star at this point so I personally wouldn’t go that route. There are other quality wrestlers I feel should get a look like Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, who could return by then from injury.

Second idea: Keep the Shield together for at least Wrestlemania 30

I like that idea because I feel like the WWE is at their best when they have a group dominating at the very top. I really think the Shield should hang on that long so that the Undertaker can get revenge before he goes into battle at Wrestlemania against who we all assume would be Brock Lesnar. If the Undertaker doesn’t get revenge on the Shield it will be very odd just like when the Undertaker never got back against the Nexus.

Seventh Idea: Bring Back Shane McMahon to Counter Triple H, and Stephanie

I’m not really of fan of this because things have happened like that before in the WWE, and it just didn’t go well. Like when the Undertaker took Stephanie in the late 1990’s, and Vince McMahon was trying to stop the Undertaker until we all found out the Vince was behind it all along.

Or we can go to 2001 when the WWE went against the WCW, and ECW where Stephanie, and Shane were teaming up against the WWE. They went on to lose that battle but obviously they went back into Vince’s good side. I see leave it the way it is, and let someone else shine under this storyline with Daniel Bryan vs the McMahon family.


Part 2: Coming 9/27/2013





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