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Wrestling & Romance: Interview With ‘Tag Me A Date’ CEO Steven Glenwick

Pro Wrestling fans are a passionate bunch and CEO Steven Glenwick wants to tap into that fervor to bring fans of sports entertainment together.

Launched in October 2014, Glenwick’s online dating site for the most ardent pro wrestling fans has gained great popularity in a short period of time. The site now boasts a community of a little under 10,000 profiles from users across the U.S., Canada and UK and has even garnered the attention from WWE management.

As an avid pro wrestling fan myself, I reached out to Glenwick to discuss the ins and outs of the dating platform and his most immediate plans to expand the site’s offerings.

The interview was initially intended to be transcribed, but after listening to the audio it was clear written words would not do the interview justice. Enjoy.

You can learn more about Tag Me A Date by visiting or their social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

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