Will the Houston Rockets regret letting Chandler Parsons go?

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Chandler Parsons will no longer be a member of the Houston Rockets. The Dallas Mavericks offered a $46 million contract with a three year length and the Rockets chose to not match the offer although they had a chance to do so. The 25 year old forward will now head to Dallas and try to make a fresh start. He will also have a great chance to emerge as a true star with the Mavs, as he will be one of the main contributors of the team going forward. So, will the Houston Rockets really regret for their decision to let Parsons walk?

The truth is that the Rockets obviously needed an upgrade from Chandler Parsons in order to seriously compete for the NBA Championship. After landing Dwight Howard last summer, the trio of Howard, James Harden and Chandler Parsons was considered enough to take the team to the top of the Western Conference. The results, however, showed that this was not the case.

Harden and Howard blended well with each other quickly and Parsons also provided the much needed assistance to the two megastars. In fact, the versatile forward recorded a breakaway season but the Rockets needed something more. And that’s the exact mentality they had when the offseason was about to begin.

Houston tried hard to land a third superstar, mainly focusing on Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh but its efforts were unsuccessful. The Rockets even declined their team option for Parsons thus making him a restricted free agent, in order to clear more cap space and have more flexibility with their third – star chase.

What this showed was that the Rockets seemingly didn’t count Chandler Parsons as a star caliber player. Of course he was great last season and he even placed his name in the All-Star discussions. Nonetheless, Parsons’s potential just didn’t impress the Rockets that much. On the contrary, the Rockets knew that they need something more, an upgrade, more star power.

Parsons was offended by this outlook from his team and he was happy to receive a tempting offer by Mark Cuban and the Mavericks. Soon after the Mavs’ offer, the Rockets turned their focus on other potential additions, like Chris Bosh and Trevor Ariza. Eventually, they decided to let Parsons walk and brought in Ariza, who can be a solid replacement for Parsons. Ariza came at a much more affordable price than Parsons and although he is older and has less potential than Parsons, the Rockets can now rest assured that they managed to fill the hole they had in their frontcourt with Parsons out.

Time will tell if the Houston Rockets did well to allow Parsons to walk. The truth is that his performance has gone upwards since the moment he stepped foot in the NBA. And he may just do even better next season. Nonetheless, Houston needs to find another difference maker to place alongside Howard and Harden and seemingly Parsons was not that guy. If Bosh was brought in then there would have been no doubt that allowing Parsons to leave wouldn’t hurt much. Now, the Rockets will have to focus on their next moves and try to find that next star.

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