Why I Don’t Want To See Kenny Omega Sign With World Wrestling Entertainment

Kenny Omega is one of the hottest names in professional wrestling today. As he begins his reign as IWGP Heavyweight Championship inevitably fans will wonder “Should Kenny Omega go to WWE”. Let me answer that for you. It is a resounding NO.

It has nothing to do with Kenny Omega himself not being able to be successful in WWE. I will explain why I am perfectly happy seeing Kenny Omega in New Japan Pro Wrestling as their driving force to United States expansion. It is the quality Kenny Omega matches and his apparent, genuine enjoyment working in New Japan.

Most importantly I do not trust WWE to know what to do with Kenny Omega. I do believe he could have amazing matches with Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Finn Balor and others. Presently, I do not trust WWE to give him the same platform and the same freedom with which to create the masterpieces that he has created in New Japan Pro Wrestling.


Getting lost in the shuffle in WWE

Kenny Omega is a mega star and one of the top draws in New Japan Pro Wrestling. My fear is if he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, he would be relegated to having 7 minute matches on the PPV preshow in directionless feuds with guys only trading wins and losses. Would Kenny Omega fall to the same frustrating booking of Karl Anderson, Bobby Roode, or Bryan Danielson in current WWE? In the same way that Vince McMahon told Bret Hart as he was leaving in 1997 for WCW that “WCW would have no idea what to do with Bret Hart” I believe that as things are Vince McMahon would have no idea what to do with Kenny Omega.

Leader of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Expansion

New Japan is as hot now from a worldwide mainstream standpoint as it has ever been. The buzz around the recent Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega match at Dominion recently was at a fever pitch. New Japan Pro Wrestling has successfully been able to cross over to the United States with running shows in Long Beach, Daytona Beach, and now San Francisco. One of the huge factors in that success is having Kenny Omega on the show to bring in audiences across the United States to New Japan events. Kenny Omega is at the forefront of New Japan Pro Wrestling and is driving the company to heights it has not been seen. Leaving that position to join WWE does not make sense from what we know of Kenny Omega.

Creative freedom

Kenny Omega matches feel different, from the entrance, to the post-match promo, to the in ring action. They evoke certain emotions out of fans that WWE is severely lacking in the current culture. I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of how New Japan books their matches or their shows, but New Japan doesn’t feel over produced when you watch a New Japan show. After listening to the recent episode of “Talk is Jericho” with Chris Jericho talking to Dave Meltzer, Jericho mentions how much freedom some of the wrestlers in New Japan have in their matches to take chances and create innovative moments. Kenny Omega doesn’t feel like a wrestling character. The trilogy of classic matches that he had with Kazuchika Okada felt DIFFERENT. It didn’t feel overproduced and it told a story that WWE is not capable of delivering to their audience.

Genuinely enjoying your quality of life

If you listen to the Kenny Omega interview from the “Killing the Town” podcast, Kenny talks about a love for Japanese culture, how he speaks fluent Japanese, and how happy he is living in Japan. There is something to be said about a human being, not just a professional wrestler, enjoying the quality of his day to day life. Trading that quality of life in in order to make the 300 mile drive across the country to wrestle in the United States for WWE does not appear to be to appealing to him. He seems happy with his current life. If we are all fans of professional wrestlers, I would hope we have the ability to look past our selfish desires to see the professional wrestlers that we are fans of in the company that makes US happy.

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