Who Ends Up On The Iron Throne?

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground”

When Cersei Lannister uttered those words to Ned Stark who could have imagined the amount of casualties we’d see. (Besides that couple at your viewing party who read the books, and continue to try and ruin everything with book spoilers.)

Season 8 doesn’t look to hold back from everything we’ve grown to expect. The final season comes with expectations of the bloodiest battle to take place on a TV series. Of course with war comes death and we all know how Thrones loves to shy away from that.

With rumors of who is first to go also comes talk of who will sit on the throne. At the end of the day, right before the credit roll someone has to sit on the Iron Throne. The only question is who will it be?

Robby Cowles: When it comes to choosing who will actually win The Game of Thrones, we really have two options, Jon “Aegon Targaryen” Snow and Daenerys Stormborn. They’re the two characters the show and books have spent the most time investing in to be worthy of ending the show with the crown. I’m riding with Dany for one major reason.

My prediction comes from my belief that Jon is going to die in the final season. Throughout the entire show, Jon has shown he will put his life on the line and sacrifice himself for the greater good. When the Night’s Watch faced certain doom from Mance Rayder, he volunteered to assassinate the King Beyond the Wall, knowing for certain it would mean his death. He risked his life at Hardhome, making sure everyone else was safe before getting on his own boat. He ventured North of The Wall to find a wight and nearly gave his life to protect Dany and his companions had it not been for Uncle Benjen. Suffice to say, Jon is pretty loose with his own life.

These were all just warmups for the literal embodiment of A Song of Ice and Fire, and when the time comes for someone to come forward to kill the ultimate threat, the Night King, Jon will be the one to step forward and lay down his life without hesitation. It’s what he’s always done. Jon was resurrected for a reason, and I believe it’s because he’s the only one able and willing to kill the Night King, knowing it will kill them too. He’s got dragon’s blood (which means he can probably ride a dragon), he’s got Valyrian Steel, he’s got a history of volunteering for suicidal missions, this is Jon’s destiny. With Jon gone, Dany will kill Cersei (with the help of Arya) and finally take her rightful place on the Iron Throne. Long may she reign.

Dan Soden: Everyone is talking about Jon Snow or Daenerys taking the Iron Throne and all of that makes perfect sense. The entire story has been about those two finding their way to the throne.

Jon has risen from the dead, to continue his journey, but he is also a bit of a wreckloose when it comes to his own safety. He is basically Russell Westbrook in the 4th down by 15, it’s all hero ball. We can look at the Battle of the Bastards as an example.

Then we have Daenerys, who has literally walked through fire to get here. She’s been one of the strongest characters from both an emotional and physical standpoint, but her death would be the Oh Shit! Moment none of us expected.

But all along why we looked to Jon Snow or Daenerys to fill the role of king or queen there was one person being groomed for it.

Her hellish journey showed her the cost of being royalty, taught her how to outsmart the smartest person in the room, how to be fearless in the face of uncertainty and how to lead the Seven Kingdoms.

I’m talking of course about Sansa Stark. While she never came back from the dead like Jon, her time with Ramsay Bolton was hell on Earth. She might never have walked through fire but she’s faced enough hardship to make even Daenerys flinch.

She’s outsmarted Littlefinger, defeated Ramsay Bolton and lived with Cersei and made it out alive. All those battles help her become one of the strongest characters on the show. She has grown from a foolish little girl to a confident, intelligent and empathetic woman, exactly the type of ruler the Seven Kingdoms will need after all is said and done.

Not to mention everyone else is probably going to die.

Paul Santasieri: “ If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” — Davos Seaworth

10 years. That’s how long this journey has taken. In it’s time we’ve learned to love, hate and ponder what we’ve been given. A show that’s captivated not only a country but the world. From USA to Bali to England to China everyone asks the same question… who wins? Every great story should have a great ending. And every great story should have heroes valiantly making a collective effort to destroy a necessary evil. Perhaps a few people are lost along the way but we know deep down, the good guys will make it. But as the creator of THIS particular story claims, “if you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Of all the quotes in all the books and episodes nothing should irk a viewer/reader more, because we know it’s true. Everybody loves Jon. Everybody loves Dany. And like it or not, Cersei is pretty damn bad ass especially as a queen. But at what point do we believe that these individuals actually have a chance? We know what’s coming for them. We’ve known for a long long time. We’ve seen what they can do and what they’re capable of. Now, add an ice dragon with no wall. Can the living actually win this thing?

Assuming they do come out on top amidst the tons of character deaths that have been teased 2 names jump to the front of the pack. Jon and Dany, now in love, seem the most logical reason to rule Westeros after they dispose of the unspeakable evil that is the army of the dead. In a perfect world, Tyrion would be their hand, Davos the master of coin, Varys master of whisperers, Samewell Tarly as Grand Maester, Jaime back on the Kingsguard, with Sansa and Arya sharing the north. Of course, this is BEST CASE scenario, which is almost deemed an impossibility.

BUT, I suggest the wild card. The ace in the hole. The scenario that everyone in their deepest core neglects. THAT THEY WILL LOSE. That the man, thing, evil that is THE NIGHT KING, winds up sitting on that throne with a wasteland of dead at his feet, ice at his back and snow in the air. After all, this precise scenario was teased back in Season 2 while Dany, searching for her stolen dragons, walked into the “House of the Undying” and entered the throne room which was a snowy (or ashy depending on your view) grave, an aftermath of something horrible.

I realize just how atrocious this may seem but from what we’ve been given up to this point, there’s no reason to think it cannot happen. He has an ice dragon. An army of zombies who cant feel pain, or get tired. It just seems as if this evil is 1 that cannot be conquered. We must prepare ourselves for this outcome. All stories don’t end well. Life is full of disappointment. It’s easy to get lost in that while watching this epic. Frodo isn’t going to drop the ring in and literally sail away into heaven. Harry isn’t going to marry Ginny and live happily ever after.

They’ve eluded to this from the beginning. “Men win war”. The dead have the most men. “3 dragons win wars”. The dead have a dragon, Giants and other things. They have a leader. They have no emotion or ability to feel anything that can tear kingdoms down like jealousy, hate, love. They have 1 goal. To wipe everybody out. And they are close.

In the end we’ll have closure. Realistically, I would be absolutely shocked if the show ended this way. There will be death. There will disappointment. I believe men will live. I believe that 2 dragons is better than 1. I believe a heartbeat is stronger than an icy stare. And I believe that when you kill someone, bring them back to life and tease their existence, they will eventually be the center of it all. It’s always been Jon Snow. Jon and Dany. At the end, when all is said and done, Aegon Targaryen, half dragon, half wolf, will sit on top of the iron throne. Whether or not his dragoness lover Aunt will be beside him is another question. But when you have “A song of ice and fire” that lasts a decade, and a main character who is half ice (Stark) and half fire (Targaryen) in their blood, I find it hard to believe he isn’t the winner. Call him Jon. Call him Aegon. Either way, the white wolf and last dragon are the same person, the true king of Westeros.

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