Which Avenger Could Replace Coach Taylor?

With everything from Will & Grace to Roseanne getting a chance to come back and destroy TV in 2018 I think it’s time for Friday Night Lights to return and save the day. Unfortunately there is one little thing standing in the way of their heroic. The issue at large is that Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Taylor, has been adamant about not coming back to Dillon.

Now if the Dillon Panthers are going to save television, then we need a hero to lead the charge. Well who better than an Avenger to take over the clipboard and whistle? Honestly, Tim Riggins would’ve been my first choice, but he couldn’t be reach so we went with a few backups.

Iron Man

Tony Stark would be a natural fit, he’s intelligent, charismatic and could bring some much need upgrades to the Panthers equipment. He’d also bring along a very capable replacement for Mrs. Tami Taylor with his significant other Pepper Potts.

As we all seen in Civil War Tony likes to play by the book now and that fits right in line with Coach Taylor’s no nonsense philosophy. I’m just not to sure how Tony would handle the boosters. Something tells me his ego wouldn’t take a backseat to the likes of Buddy Garrity.


We’ve all heard how boring retirement can be. Also with a house full of kids you’re going to want to get out every now and then.  So why not join the ranks of a historic Texas high school football program like Dillon High. He has the patience to be a head coach, but his family might not like him spending so much time away. I think the struggle between family and football would ultimately end up hurting the Panthers. Leaving the booster no choice, but to move on.

Black Panther

Dillon High is immersed in tradition, so T’Challa shouldn’t have a problem fitting in. Also they could save a bunch of money by just removing the AYLOR on all of Coach Taylor’s gear and just refer to T’Challa as Coach T.  T’Challa like Coach Taylor has already had it out with Killmonger or as Coach Taylor called him Vince, so he knows how to handle himself with the more outspoken players like Vince or even Tim Riggins.

T’Challa even has the strong silent type persona down, so the players wouldn’t have much issue getting use to him. The only issue that might come up is if some of his players get caught sipping from the heart shaped herb. A scandal of that magnitude would not be the best look for the Panthers.

Now all those other Avengers have the credentials but there just something that doesn’t feel right about about Tony dealing with the booster, Hawkeye giving Matt Saracen some fatherly advice or T’Challa holding the clipboard. However there is one Avenger who is just as All American as the game of football and that is

Captain America

Let’s take a look at the things that Steve Rogers & Coach Taylor have in common. Both men are respected both by their peers and those underneath them. Coach Taylor has been a father figure to many of his players and well Rogers played a similar role with Bucky. On that same note we know how Rogers feels about family and that’s clearly something Coach Taylor shares.

Both men have a strong sense of morality, which can also lead to them being set in their ways and not easy to deal with when they believe in something.  Rogers didn’t sway when the world told him that Bucky wasn’t worth saving. He went out there and risked it all because he believed in his guy and this is the major reason I think Capt would be the perfect pick to replace Coach Taylor.

See if Capt was in Coach Taylor’s position the night Jason Street was paralyzed I firmly believe that he would turn to Matt Saracen amongst immense pressure and give the former QB2 the same opportunity that Taylor did. That is why Steve Rogers would be the perfect Avenger to take over the clipboard and whistle from Coach Eric Taylor.

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