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Ever since the launch of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter just two years later, nothing has ever been the same. Through social media we’ve been able to connect with old and new friends alike, share our voices and opinions for all the world to see, and discover new ways to communicate and interact with each other all from behind a computer screen.

It’s also drastically changed how we view, consume, and experience sports and pop culture. Logging into Twitter has become as pivotal to an entertainment experience as turning on your television to watch it. From hashtags and memes to trending topics and kickstarters, social media has become a driver for entertainment, activism, and everything that falls in between.

We’ve seen beefs between celebrities get started over tweets. We’ve delighted in tender moments shared via Instagram posts. We’ve heard musicians blow up over night because of a Soundcloud song. We’ve connected with friends from the past and in entirely different countries through Facebook. All of these things were merely beginning to exist a decade ago.

Join us as we look at how social media has impacted our world – from its greatest moments and events, to what its future holds. This is Social Media Week.

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