The Weekly BS – Episode 4: Hate the Greats

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The Weekly BS with Brian and Sean

Join No Coast Bias writer Brian Hall and his reluctant pal Sean as they dive into the world of sports each week, providing commentary for the modern, sports-minded intellectual.

This week, the boys are back after a brief hiatus and discuss the final four, how each team got there, and how Sean missed his chance to gloat about the Big Ten maybe not being so bad after all. Oh the missed opportunities! The guys also discuss NBA odds and ends, including the MVP race, the Warriors’ general handling of the KD/OKC situation, and the Cavs’ defensive struggles down the stretch. Finally, the two discuss great players in sports that they hate before really fading down the stretch and phoning in an ending.

So set the tone for your week, and thanks for listening.

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Brian likes all sports to a varying degree that ranges from mild interest to intense obsession. He primarily writes about college football, the NBA, and pop culture, but will also write about other, more obscure things when his superiors allow it. He also doesn't care in the slightest for Bruce Springsteen, which separates him from 98% of all other sports writers.


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