College Football

Week 6 | After Further Review


North Carolina State Wolfpack

With reigning Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson and Louisville in town, it was the assumption that the Wolfpack’s elite defensive front would match up really well. It was certainly that, and not any sort of offensive abilities that had people tapping NC State as a potential upset pick, at least. So of course Jackson had over 400 total yards and three touchdowns…but got outscored by 14. The Wolfpack’s offense played about as well as you could ask, albeit against a bad defense, and now we have to ask ourselves if NC State is for real. DISCLAIMER: NC State has Notre Dame and Clemson on the schedule, already lost to South Carolina, and is almost certainly not for real.

Iowa State Cyclones

Oklahoma had the ball longer, gained more yards, and had more first downs than Iowa State. They only turned the ball over once, despite not forcing any turnovers themselves. And yet, Baker Mayfield got outplayed by a backup quarterback and now we’re left wondering if the Big XII has any actually good, playoff-caliber teams at all. The numbers suggest they do, but then again, this is college football. Numbers only go so far here.

Michigan State Spartans and Also Torrential Downpours

Michigan is rebuilding. Michigan’s starting quarterback was very injured. Michigan had to play this game in a torrential downpour. Granted, two of those three things also apply to Michigan State. And while the Wolverines kept trying to throw the ball in some of the most ridiculous weather you’ll see all year, the Spartans wisely opted to score juuuuuuust enough points to get by and simply squat on their territory. Harbaugh losing now has some of the more raucous Wolverine fans calling for his job, which I mean, how funny would it be if Michigan actually fired Harbaugh over this?

TCU Horned Frogs

The Horned Frogs actually drew a somewhat difficult matchup this week, and just managed to squeak by West Virginia. TCU remains the Big XII’s last hope for a playoff team (probably) and will almost certainly have to remain perfect the rest of the way to have a shot. The one thing going TCU’s way is they’re more than happy to take a supposed disadvantage and use it to win. They beat Oklahoma State in a shootout, beat SMU by playing uptempo, and confused West Virginia so well defensively that WVU QB Will Grier said they didn’t do anything that they’d prepped for in film the week before. I don’t know what this’ll mean coming into the second half of the season, but it’s at least very admirable and also hilarious.

Miami Hurricanes

Miami broke the streak against Florida State in the best way possible. Mark Richt opted to take an end zone shot instead of play for field position and an easy field goal to tie and send the game to overtime. You know what’s a lot better than risking overtime against an inferior team with a young quarterback that got better as the game went on? Well…not going to overtime at all.

San Diego State

This is mostly just a Rashaad Penny appreciation post. Have you watched Rashaad Penny at all this season? Probably not, and it’s not entirely your fault. San Diego State doesn’t always play at friendly hours, and they’re not a big name, must-watch program. But this is me telling you right now: watch San Diego State. Watch Rashaad Penny. You won’t regret it.

Western Michigan/Buffalo/Some Western Michigan Player’s Sister

Western Michigan included: seven overtimes, a combined score of 139 points, a sister running onto the field to celebrate her brother’s touchdown.

Long live college football.

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