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Week 2 | After Further Review


Oklahoma Sooners

Baker Mayfield pretty much singlehandedly beat Ohio State, and the Buckeyes now must look inward to correct offensive woes. J.T. Barrett just hasn’t looked great, and OSU’s pass defense currently rates as one of the worst in the country. That’s…unideal.

And, in true Sooner fashion, Mayfield capped the victory by falsely claiming land by planting a damn flag on it.

(P.s. Fowler’s commentary really does help make that moment special.)

USC Trojans

Remember how folks wanted you to freak out when Sam Darnold looked just ok in USC’s season opener against Western Michigan? Turns out that those people may have jumped the gun a tad! Darnold played about as good of a game as he could have, outside of a couple of interceptions, and USC beat a good Stanford team. It wasn’t just Darnold either – the Trojans had two 100-yard rushers and 307 rushing yards against a very good Stanford front. So, any concerns you had about the Trojan’s offense should be gone by now.

This game was a fun primer for how good USC could be all season, and will almost definitely happen again in the PAC12 championship unless some crazy PAC12 weirdness happens. (Disclaimer: PAC12 weirdness always happens)

Penn State Nittany Lions

Sure, Penn State did fine to dispatch definitely-not-a-rival Pitt. Then James Franklin had to flex on the team he just beat and compare them to Akron. It’s fine to feel confident and all, but when Penn State falls flat on their ass later this year (and yeah, they probably will) you won’t hear about it from any one fan base louder than Pitt’s.

Oh, that team that definitely isn’t a rival of yours also beat you a year ago and pretty much single-handedly kept you out of the playoff. But yeah, take that Pitt!

Louisville Cardinals

Expect more on Lamar Jackson’s brilliance later this week, because one small blurb here isn’t enough to encapsulate it. But all you really need to know is that Jackson might actually be a better player than he was in his Heisman trophy winning season a year ago, and yet Louisville might actually be worse as a team.

Georgia/Notre Dame

Georgia not only turned a game in South Bend into a home game, but also turned Brian Kelly into a shriveled, rotten pumpkin during his postgame presser.

Just look at that huffy, pumpkin-shaded man.

Washington State Cougars

From the broadest of perspectives, college football fans can be divided into two groups: those who casually watch games on Saturdays, and those who stay up until 2:00 AM central time to watch a triple overtime West Coast game. This game was so drunk it should’ve been sitting in the Cougars’ student section. Both starting quarterbacks left due to injury. Washington State was down 21 points in the second half. Boise State’s backup QB, Montell Cozart, got pick-sixed on a shovel pass late in the fourth quarter that made it a one-possession game. THIS GAME WENT TO THREE OVERTIMES!

Ultimately, Wazzu prevailed in what will ultimately be worn as a badge of honor for all those who stayed awake to watch such a drunken, lovely game.

Baylor/Texas/Texas A&M

Things aren’t going so well for the state of Texas. Sure, TCU is looking great with a solid defense, and Houston is showing no drop-off under Major Applewhite, but…uh, there are some problems. Texas A&M needed all four quarters to dispatch Nicholls, this coming after the Kevin Sumlin fiasco involving someone sending a racist and derogatory letter to his house. Baylor is 0-2, following up their loss to FCS Liberty with a 10-17 loss to UT San Antonio. Yeesh. Oh, and Texas looked far from good early against San Jose State. Sure Longhorn fans, you won 56-0. You also host USC this week so, uh, good luck!

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs


Duke Blue Devils

Noted historical football powerhouse Duke came out and pasted a shaky Northwestern squad that, inexplicably, had somewhat high expectations for this season, despite always having been known as a basketball school. All of this is true, don’t bother looking it up.


If you’re looking for evidence that this game was terrible to watch, look no further than this horrifying second half play-by-play.

Clemson and Auburn - gross

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