The NCB Vine Hall of Fame

Six seconds may seem like too short of a time to truly capture the essence of something but Vine has proved otherwise. This simple app has revolutionized the world as we know it and has given the internet some legendary video.

There are infinite funny vines out there roaming the world wide web so I had to break it down into a select few. I mean it’s a Hall of Fame, you can’t just allow anyone in. It’s gotta be the best of the best.

Without further adieu here’s the 2015 Vine Hall of Fame inductees:

Some Vines have NSFW Language

Lil TeRio:


This little guy put vine on the map and deserves the number 1 spot. He took the nation by storm by doing dances and balling out against his cousins who weigh 60 pounds lighter than him. He had athletes doing the TerRio dance. He played in the Drew League. And I’m pretty sure he was somehow on tour, preforming in front of thousands of people. Don’t know who would go watch Lil TerRio on stage but can’t knock his hustle. If you were wondering, he’s also been eating well too since we first saw him.


The Original Dunk Cam:


Nothing you can really say about this one. From start to finish it’s an all time classic.

My F**king Cinnamon Apple:


This Vine captures just the purest, rawest emotion that has ever been experienced on Earth. No one else has ever come close to loving something as much as he loves this chick. I’m c’mon. She was his baby, his f**king cinnamon apple! He left his heart all on the line and Mrs. Cinnamon Apple is just stepping all over it. This is a true love story captured in less than 6 seconds.

Baby Gets Crossed:


The baby getting crossed is pretty funny but the guy commentating makes the vine. You take him out of this and it’s a honorable mention at best.

Can You Eat P**sy Like That:


Most people would give the generic ‘Oh shit how’d you do that’ or ‘Woahhh that’s crazy.’ Not this chick. She’s obviously been on a dry spell for quite some time and all cared about while watching him was ‘Will this white dude take care of me in the ladies handicap stall.’ Can’t knock the hustle one bit. She knows you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Girl You’re Thicker Than A Bowl Of Oatmeal:


There’s gotta be pictures floating around the chick this guy was talking about. No way he says this line to her without there being some truth to it. And with his little finger point after she said it, it’s almost guaranteed she was in fact thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. The defense attorney on the other hand looks like he wants no part of it.

Smoking With My Probation Officer:


Laughing like a middle school girl while smoking weed with your probation officer is one way to get inducted into the hall. And people say there’s a police brutality issue in America…

Latasha I’m Sorry:


This may be the greatest vine to ever be produced. I’m hoping a full video somehow appears because this is pure gold. Do you know how I said Mr. and Mrs. Cinnamon Apple was the truest and rawest emotion ever displayed? I take that back. This guy felt the need to go into song to break the horrible news to Latasha. You could tell in his voice he was gonna break down and cry. I just hope the Maury Show added in the guitar while he was singing because that’d make this 1000% funnier.

F**k ISIS:



Hey Ron, Hey Billy:


Just laugh out loud funny. No urgency shown by Billy to help Ron up. Just a simple ‘Hey Ron’ and that’s that.

Steph Curry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:


Steph’s by far the most vineable player in the NBA right now. Every little thing he does from his pregame tunnel shot to shit like this is just unreal. This play by him though was the most ridiculous play I’ve seen in a while.. until I publish this and he does something even better.

The Air Jerk:


Little Robbie got camera shy and wasn’t too sure what to do so he broke out the good ole reliable air jerk. Was it his proudest moment? Probably not. But at the time it’s what he wanted to do. It was a heat of the moment reaction and he went with it. Little Teddy on the other hand may still be frozen like that in class after witnessing Robbie drop fake loads all over the room.

Dog Nails Drum Solo:


Pretty simple. Dogs are the best. In the Air Tonight is an all-time classic. Combine the two and you get a Hall of Fame vine.

Drake’s Sign Language Interpreter:


Everyone by now knows the Drake murdered Meek Mill with diss track after diss track while trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers in Meek’s corner. The only problem with this rap beef was the deaf community had no idea what was going on. Drake, being the nice guy he is, let the deaf community know Meek has been brutally murdered by bringing a sign language interpreter to one of his concerts. Now I’ve never heard of deaf people going to concerts (double entendre like it’s nothing) or sign language interpreters being hired for concerts but who cares. This move was the cockiest move of 2015 by far and deserves a spot in the Vine Hall of Fame.

Deez Nuts:



Honorable Mentions:

These were all hilarious Vines but you can only have so many inducted into the Hall at one time.



This dudes lucky Air Bud don’t come around and cross him up real quick.





If there are any other vines that you think belong let us know in the comments. Maybe they can be put on the ballot for the 2016 Vine Hall of Fame election.

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