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Video: Texas A&M HC Kevin Sumlin is REALLY Excited

I don’t blame the Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin for being excited. The team got their first SEC road victory in a thrilling come from behind victory over Ole Miss, 30-27. Sumlin is the one in the gray jacket jumping around and yelling while Gatorade is being poured all over the place. The story take a weird turn because even though the video was posted on the official A&M YouTube site, Kevin Sumlin has announced that cameras will be banned from the locker room:

“There won’t be anymore cameras in the locker room,” he said. “That’s not going to happen again. But you got to remember, 20 minutes before that, we were losing by 10 points … It’s OK to celebrate.”

If it is ok to celebrate, then why are you banning cameras? There is nothing wrong with this video, its just funny and pretty cool to see the pure joy of the players while they celebrate with their coach.

(H/T: TeamSpeedKills)

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