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[Video] NCB Live – Episode 10: The Return

Tate and Derek bring the NCB Live podcast back from the dead! They interview Michael C. Jones of Sports Out West, discuss what the NFL will look like in the year 2030, Urban Meyer eating “sadness pizza”, the Terio dance craze, Gus Malzahn’s offense and fashion sense, the World Cup, Alex Morgan getting engaged and more!

For detailed information, please check out the show notes below the video.

NCB Live

Episode 10 – December 11, 2013

Guest: Michael C. Jones – Founder/Editor of Sports Out West


Show Notes:

  1. Show intro monologue (introductions, new format explanation, FREE t-shirt giveaway details, show topics): 0:19-3:11
  2. Guest interview (Michael C. Jones of Sports Out West): 3:12-18:39
  3. The Haps (Jerod Mayo’s Mayonnaise, state of the NFL in 2030, Urban Meyer “sadness pizza”, Terio): 18:40-27:15
  4. What’s Dope?/What’s Wack? (Gus Malzahn x 2, NFL on NBC player intros, US World Cup Draw, Alex Morgan): 27:16-33:39
  5. Fresh Clip of the Week: 33:44-35:48
  6. The Blank Game (The BCS, Four-team playoff): 35:49-39:36
  7. Tweets of the Week: 39:37-44:54
  8. Show outro: 44:55-47:31

Track List:

  1. Mobb Deep – Got it twisted
  2. Mike Jones – What ya know about..
  3. Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs
  4. Nappy Roots – Roun’ the Globe
  5. Mack 10 – Backyard Boogie

The first fan to email with the exact time the Anchorman Easter Egg appears wins a FREE NCB logo t-shirt. 

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