Video: Adidas Basketball Presents, The Return of D Rose Part 6

This is the conclusion of #thereturn series and it is titled, “All-In.” Here is the official word from Adidas:

“Watch the conclusion of the episodic journey documenting D Rose’s inevitable return to the game. What’s inside him, can’t be stopped. From his Belief, Hope, Focus, Push and Drive, D Rose is all in for his fans.”

While these videos have been good, it is probably time to end them. I am sure Bulls fans feel the same way and would like to see some real hoops from D Rose soon. Considering the team is struggling right now at 6-7 that would be a welcome sight. The good news news for the Bulls, is that they play in a horrible division and could make up ground quickly if they get their MVP back soon. Hats off to Adidas for this series though. Well done.


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