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Ty Lawson Growth Chart To Be Given Away At Nuggets/Kings Game Saturday

Of all the Denver Nugget players, Ty Lawson gives us small-fries the best hope that we could make it in the NBA. Never mind the speed, athleticism, and shot-making ability it takes to play in the Association. Seeing Lawson jitterbug across the lane and around gargantuan defenders is not only a thing of beauty, but a glimmer of hope to the vertically challenged that you can dictate the game from below the clouds.

Thanks to the folks at the Pepsi Center, you can now see how you measure up against Ty. Not entirely literally though.

According to DJ Bedz of the Denver Nuggets, a Ty Lawson growth chart will be given out before Denver’s game with the Sacramento Kings this upcoming Saturday at the Pepsi Center. No other details are available at this time but I definitely want to get my hands on one of these to see how much more milk I need to drink to see eye to eye with Ty.

I wanna by like Ty...

I wanna by like Ty…



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