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Social media sites, such as Twitter, really do make the world a much smaller and more intimate place. This is highly beneficial for Notre Dame Football fans that truly stretch from coast to coast and even country to country. Fans are able to communicate with one another and follow accounts of players, coaches, athletic department employees, and bloggers that offer varying and unique points of view on everything Notre Dame Football. With so many Notre Dame affiliated accounts, it’s easy for some to slip under the radar. The following is a compilation of Twitter accounts that every true Fighting Irish fan needs to follow.


TJ Jones: Junior wide receiver #7 TJ Jones doesn’t just step it up on the field, he is quite the tweeter. He knows exactly how to craft 140 character tweets that inspire and motivate. Jones begins almost every day with a quotation that garners anywhere between 4 and 40 retweets from his 9,000 followers. He is also a loyal, “Throw Back Thursday” (#tbt), tweeter and has been known to interact with, and follow his fans. Follow him: @TJ2Smoove  Similar: Luke Massa (@Mookielassa14)

Mike and Jake Golic: We are all familiar with the saying, “Quality over quantity”. This adage definitely applies to the twitter accounts of both Mike and Jake. While the brothers may not tweet as often as some of their teammates, when they do their tweets are nuggets of humor and playful wisdom. Both have an infectious sense of humor and are weekly participants in what has now become a Notre Dame Football institution: Trick Shot Monday. Follow them: @MGolicJR57, @JGolic88 Similar: Brandon Newman (@iRJerrell99)

Manti Te’o: This is one young man who needs little introduction. A great football player and an even better person, the Hawaiian native has gained the respect of football fans, across the country. An inspiration in the face of adversity, Te’o is a must follow! Follow him: @MTeo_5

Kapron Lewis Moore: Lewis-Moore, currently in his fifth year for the Fighting Irish, has quickly become a fan favorite. He is a very interactive tweeter that often communicates with fans and has a great sense of humor! Off the football field, Kap can be found in the stands of other Fighting Irish sporting events supporting his fellow student athletes. Everyone loves a team player! Follow him: @KLM_89

Insider Accounts

Notre Dame Football, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Digital Media, Josh Flynt: These three accounts are grouped together because they are a trinity of sorts. All three complement one another and provide exclusive access into all things Notre Dame Football. From live updates during games, to providing links to the newest athletic videos, all three accounts cater to exactly what fans want; a behind the scenes look. Follow them: @125NDFB, @NDfidm,@NDSportsBlogger


Jack Swarbrick: Usually parody accounts aren’t my thing and I wouldn’t normally suggest following one, but @FakeSwarbrick is the real deal! Bow down to #TheBrick and learn something from his expansive knowledge. He’s also a proud and self-proclaimed, “Notorious tease”. What’s not to love!? Follow him: @FakeSwarbrick

Fan Groups

The New Notre Dame Nation: A group with humble beginnings, The New Notre Dame Nation has grown exponentially and now boasts over 5,000 followers. The group welcomes all Notre Dame athletic fans and works to encourage a positive and supportive fan base. In addition, the group is highly involved in charity work and  makes it a point to help others and give back. Follow them: @TNNDN

The Leprechaun Legion: Notre Dame’s “student body voice for Irish athletics”, the Lep Legion works to get the Notre Dame students involved in all Fighting Irish athletic events. This group is constantly posting pictures and updating fans on all things athletic. Follow them: @LepLegion (also be sure to follow @TMoorehead627)


The Subway Domer: If you’re not already following The Subway Domer, what’s wrong with you?! This account provides a hilarious and one of a kind insight into the world of Notre Dame Football. With weekly blog posts such as the Twittermania, Bagpipe Monday, and Anti-previews, there is definitely something for every Notre Dame fan. Not to mention, The Subway Domer has vast Disney knowledge and, “put Brian Kelly on a unicorn while surfing a rainbow”. Follow him: @TheSubwayDomer (also be sure to follow @phillykelly, @ManCaveQB, @SteveinIowa1, @BlogDavie, @DNFBF, @GreatShaneND)

Her Loyal Sons and Irish Elvis: The Irish Elvis twitter summaries have quickly become a Notre Dame Football fan institution. The summaries provide a great overview of tweets that are posted during the game. It’s a great way to tap into other Irish fans’ thoughts on the game and see some tweets you may have missed between heart palpitations and cheering at the television set. Not to mention making the summary totally validates your twitter existence. The summaries are posted on Her Loyal Sons, another excellent Notre Dame Football blog which offers eclectic posts, and whose twitter is informative and humorous. Follow them: @herloyalsons  (also be sure to follow @HLS_Biscuit, @HLS_NDTex, @HLS_BayouIrish, @HLS_Twibby, @GrantlandX, @FatherSorin, @HLS_news, @HLS_Recruiting), @IrishElvis

Lisa Kelly: Fellow No Coast Bias contributor, reigning Big East Big Fan of the Year, and Notre Dame alum, Kelly offers a really unique perspective on all things ND. She writes comprehensive game summaries and tweets often, interacting with other Fighting Irish fans and representing her Alma Mater gracefully and with that never-give-up Irish spirit! Follow Her: @4LeafCloverGirl


Although these tweeters are not blog affiliated, they rightfully earn a spot on the “must follow” list for their clever and unique contributions of Notre Dame Football knowledge. All have at least 750 followers, and that’s no accident! Their tweets are engaging, funny, and well…if you’re not following them, what are you waiting for!?
Follow them: @oaknd1, @NDEddieMAC, @PootND



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