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Triple H Is the Most Vile On-Screen Character in WWE History

Contrary to what the IWC thinks, Roman Reigns isn’t the worst person to ever grace the earth, let alone a WWE ring.

Is his pushed forced? Yep.

Does his “character” make you want to throw your remote at the TV? Most def.

Is he the most vile character in WWE history? Not even close.

Look, Roman Reigns is in desperate need of a heel turn and his never-ending title shots are frustrating to say the least, but just because he “sucks” doesn’t mean his character is repulsive. At least from a human decency standpoint.

The honor of the most distasteful character in WWE history actually goes to his WrestleMania opponent (Spoiler: Ambrose ain’t winning at Roadblock). Yep. I’m talking about Based Haitch himself, Triple H.

I’m actually a huge Trips fan, and I didn’t even mind his “Reign of Terror“, but let’s be real here. His in-ring accomplishments are incredible and what he’s done with NXT deserves ALL the Based Haitch memes, but if you actually examine his WWE career you’ll notice a disturbing pattern of repulsive acts.

based haitch

No, I’m not talking about his Terra Ryzing gimmick in WCW or the time he got squashed by the Warrior. Those things were terrible, but not as terrible as the time he…

Donned Blackface

triple h blackface

That’s right. One of WWE’s corporate executives channeled his inner-Jim Crow to cut a scathing promo/parody of the all-black* Nation of Domination faction.

*Spoiler #2: Owen Hart may have been a nugget, but he wasn’t black. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was the Attitude Era, the promo was actually pretty funny, and the rest of his DX crew weren’t donning blackface for racist reasons, BUT considering what followed a few years later you have to wonder if there wasn’t at least some morsels of racism behind the NOD parody.

So what happened a few years later? Well, Mr. Helmsley…

Went Over Booker T & All “You People”


You People

GrecoRomanGuy at explained where Trips went wrong during his feud with Booker T better than I ever could, but the tl;dr version is this: Hunter said Booker T wasn’t worthy of being champion because he was black without actually saying that.

Terrible huh?

Well, sticks and stones may break bones, but words don’t hurt that bad. It’s not like he…

Date-raped The Owner’s Daughter

Wait. That actually happened.


I cued up the part where Triple H openly admits he consummated the marriage multiple times, but if you watch the entire clip you’ll learn that The Game drugged Vince McMahon’s daughter and married her via a drive-through wedding.

Given how shocked Stephanie McMahon was during Hunter’s reveal, you have to assume she had no idea that she “played” The Game after her and Trips eloped.


The only way things could look worse for on-screen Triple H is if he defiled a corpse.

You’re not going to believe this, but Triple H totally…

Re-enacted Necrophilia In An Actual Funeral Home

That's Nasty

Triple H didn’t REALLY take a corpse to Pound Town, but you know what actually happened? This Katie Vick skit was so loud that the funeral director apparently had to tell Vince and the video crew to keep it down because there was a viewing going on at the same time.

I rest my case.

You know what’s crazier that all of on-screen Haitch’s transgressions? He’s still going to be cheered over Roman Reigns at Mania. #TReignWreck2016

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