1. […] Toronto Blue Jays suing Creighton for stealing their logo – No Coast BiasThe Toronto Blue Jays came out of left field (pun definitely intended) with a lawsuit against the Creighton Bluejays. They are alleging that Creighton began using the Blue Jay (or Bluejays) logo in September of 2013, and that it has and will continue to damage, “cause confusion, cause mistake, and deceive the trade and public, who are likely to believe [Toronto's logo] ha[s] their origin.” […]

  2. This is no different than any other trademark infringement lawsuit. Why have you treated it as though it’s petty and frivolous? Start using the New York Yankees logo and name as your middle school team name and see how long it takes Mr. Steinbrenner’s legal team to descend on you.

    • It’s actually a poor comparison. Creighton selected the Blue Jay in 1924…Toronto’s first season was 1977. So who came first?
      The Blue Jay of course is an actual bird with a certain look. So if you stay true the colors and the look, everyone that has the Blue Jay as mascot/logo is going to look similar.
      As for the NY Yankees their logo is unique and since the team was founded in 1901 they always have a solid case.
      Except for a color change the Iowa St Cyclones…Louisville Cardinals…Philadelphia Eagles and others have and have had similar looks. Plus if the fans can’t decipher a “C” from a “T” or Creighton from Toronto…buying a wrong T-shirt is the least of their problems.

  3. I like the Toronto Bluejays but their lawsuit is stupid. It’s not like Toronto chose an original mascot. There are Bluejay teams all over North America. Creighton has used the Bluejay mascot for what seems forever and their logo appears to be sufficiently different. How much are you going to be able to change the way a bluejay looks? Get over yourself, Toronto. Focus on being more than a mediocre team and you won’t have to worry about fan engagement.

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