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Things That Lasted Longer Than Rashon Burno’s Tenure At Nebraska

Rashon Burno was hired after he was let go by the new Florida regime to be a new assistant coach for Nebrasketball on May 15th of this year.  There was a lot of hype in Lincoln with Burno being Billy Donovan’s right hand man in Gainesville.  A week after Burno was hired, Stan Johnson – an assistant at Arizona State – left for Marquette.  Well Burno has a great relationship with Bobby Hurley at ASU and his dream job just opened up after he was in Lincoln for a week.  Fast forward 6 weeks.  Burno announces his plans to leave and head to Hurley’s side.  So his tenure lasted 7 weeks (49 days).  Here’s a list of things that lasted longer than Burno’s Nebrasketball tenure:

Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries marriage: 72 days

Painfully long Major League Baseball Season: 182 days

My Student Loan Grace Period: 180 days

Ron Artest’s Rap Career: Not very damn long some time in the fall of ’06

William Henry Harrison’s Presidential Tenure (almost): 31 days

George Foreman’s Sitcom, “George”: 75 days

Walter Pitchford’s dreams of being drafted into the NBA: 73 days

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

That guy who was trapped and cut off his own arm in that movie played by James Franco – (this is totally dependent on assuming Burno only worked 4 hour days and took a 1/2 hour lunch)

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