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The Love of My Week

Erin Andrews bat baseball batter up dancing with the stars

Erin Andrews: Batter up!

I have long been a fan of Erin Andrews. She is one of the few “sideline reporters” that actually knows her stuff. Oh, yeah, and she’s a stone cold fox. I’d been around her a few times in the press areas at the College World Series, and she was always aware of the cat calls and guys that just thought she was nice to look at. But she was above all that and always took the high road, a woman of confidence. When she left ESPN, I was really bummed out because nobody watches FOX Sports. (Is that channel even around anymore?) But seeing her on World Series coverage is seeing her do what she was meant to do. (And that “Dancing with the Stars” thing was pretty cool too.)

The Logical Explanation

San Francisco Full Moon

Such a weird town

I think I finally figured out San Francisco. They played their two previous series to the limit before sweeping the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. However, had the Series gone to a Game 5, it would have been played on Monday night … opposite Monday Night Football … in San Francisco. Not to upset their fans, the Giants closed it out Sunday night so everyone could celebrate at Candlestick Park. That way Danny Tanner could cover both events.

Wild Card of the Week

Florida Marlins World Series Champions Edgar Renteria Sports Illustrated

They’ve won two more World Series in the last 104 years than the Cubs. Remember 2003?

The Miami Marlins have been a wild card this year on their own. They were supposed to win the division in their new ballpark and under their new brand. Then they finish last and fire their manager because he makes an outlandish statement. (Ozzie Guillen has always been a wild card. He may be a reason to start an Ocho Hall of Fame.)

But we’re talking about the World Series here, and there is no better selection than the team that has been to the playoffs twice, been the Wild Card twice and won the World Series twice before dismantling their team. That brings us to …

The Number of the Week

104 Chicago Cubs

Next year …

As in the number of years the Chicago Cubs have gone without winning a World Series.


The Alpha Dog of the Week

Don Larsen Perfect Game World Series

Don Larsen: you can’t argue with perfection.

I can’t stand the Yankees, but I gotta respect what Don Larsen did in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. He faced 27 batters and NONE reached base. That had never happened in the World Series before and has never happened in any postseason game since.


The Undercard of the Week

Since The Completely Unsubstantiated Rumor was completely lame, we’re debuting a new category here in The Ocho. The Undercard of the Week takes a look at the world of professional wrestling. We will present a match that was either not a main event or maybe it shouldn’t have been.

There’s actually quite a history with baseball and WWE. Wrestlemania has featured both Pete Rose and Bob Uecker twice at the March Classic.Uecker is always best when he’s telling stories so we present to you his WWE Hall of Fame speech.


Video of the Week

One of the coolest things that Major League Baseball did this year was its campaign “Standup to Cancer.” And even cooler was this video they did with standup comedians reliving some of the greatest postseason moments in MLB history.


Shazam of the Week

Shazam logo


All postseason long there’s been a song playing on commercials for the MLB Fan Cave. It’s by The Script and is called “Hall of Fame.” There’s a version with Will.I.Am as well, but this is the one playing in the commercial. The video here was really well done as well so that’s an added bonus. Quite inspiring so I’m leaving you with this. Now go out there and do great things. See you next week.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pat

    November 2, 2012 at 12:46 am

    Love the website! And yes, Erin Andrews rocks. Nice to see awoman who can really represent. With reference to CHICAGO’s chances at a pennant I leave you with the classic tale: what do the World Series and a barren bear have on common? No Cubs.

    Keep bringing it Ocho!

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