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The Year That Was – My Favorite Write-ups of 2012

With the calendar year coming to end in a few hours I wanted to take a look back at the year that was.  I launched back in the Spring and although I had a general idea of what I wanted the site to become I didn’t expect the writing team and our following to grow as quickly as it did.

I know for a fact the site wouldn’t be where it is now without our fantastic team of writers but I like to think I penned a few half-way decent write-ups that moved the needle.

Let’s take a look at my favorite contributions to NCB in 2012. Some of these posts were received quite well and were even featured on other sites. A few of these write-ups however didn’t have very many readers at all but I enjoyed putting them together and well… THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD MOVE VIEWS IN MY OPINION 🙂

Where are they now? – Huskers Edition: Barron Miles
Barron Miles was my favorite Husker of all-time. I got to interview him and now have his number in my cell phone. Need I say more?

This was just one of the few gems in the NBA2k13 library...

This was just one of the few gems in the NBA2k13 library…

Fun With NBA 2K13 Headshots
Thought of this one when I rolled out of bed one day and started playing the game. Was browsing through the rosters and noticed some of them were pretty laughable. Somehow this was one of my most popular posts.

[NCB POP] G4′s Top 100 Video Games of All-Time Recap
Like G4 says, “We all play”. This was one of my more popular posts and the funny thing is I literally put this together when I rolled out of bed on one of my days off and started playing the game. I was scrolling through all the rosters and noticed some pretty hilarious headshots. This is what I came up with.

Thunder can’t win the title since they don’t score inside (?)

I basically got tired of hearing that the Thunder weren’t a legit title contender because of their style of play. I mean seriously. What I did find out during my research was that defense DOES still win championships though.

Steve Spurrier Vs. Les Miles… In A Freestyle Battle?

Maybe I was trying too hard on this one. Maybe this was just plain stupid. Either way I’d still pay to see this happen.

Old School Vs. New School: NBA Rap Songs Then & Now
Speaking of rapping. I poke fun of NBA players and their rap “careers”. Even the Black Mamba is included in this one.

Represent, represent Gabby

Represent, represent Gabby

Types of Husker Fans – Navigating through the Maize
Although this was supposed to a summary of the different types of Husker fans out there I think you could easily apply these descriptions to your favorite team. The write-up wasn’t a total dumpster fire as evidenced by the amount of views this bad boy accumulated.

Things That’ll Be Closer Than The CU Buffs’ Next 2 Games…
My hate for CU knows no bounds. This was obviously a fun write-up for me. Plus, my score predictions weren’t too far off.

Wrestlespective Radio Podcast – WWE No Way Out 2009 Main Event Review
I got to talk about wrestling on a nationally renowned podcast. If you’re not down with that I got two words for ya…

The Pure Fan Rating Project – The Quest to Quantify Fandom
Looking back I think I might have been a little too ambitious on this one. “Fandom” is so complex but I thought I would take a stab at “rating” fans.

Bo, What If I Told You…
Let’s just say I wasn’t the biggest Bo Pelini fan at this point. I’m still not.


Why wasn’t this a more popular Halloween costume this year? So easy to pull off

Top Sports-related Costumes for Halloween 2012
I think this one was pretty self-explanatory. I see you NFL replacement refs…

The NBA “UN-Draft” 2012 (Part 1/4) – Eastern Conference A-I
I wrote this when the site first launched and there wasn’t much buzz about this write-up so I didn’t do parts 2-4. Each NBA team was to select a player, decision, in-game moment etc. that each organization can un-draft or undo. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll bring this back in the Spring.

The College Football Playoff & How It Contradicts America’s Political Ideals
I was baffled by the lopsided support for something so “Liberal” in nature so I wrote about it. Don’t worry it’s not a political commentary.

The WAY Too Late Nebraska-Michigan Game Diary
My trip to Lincoln, NE for the Nebraska-Michigan game was chronicled. LOTS of Rumchata shots.

WWE RAW 1000 Review: Hits and Botches
I review the 1000th edition of RAW and I make fun of Nickelback.

Melo’s becoming quite the fisherman. He does get plenty of practice

Melo’s becoming quite the fisherman. He does get plenty of practice

Melo’d Expectations – Carmelo Anthony bounced from the 1st round yet again
Carmelo’s 1st Round Record: 6-32 with only 1 (ONE) first round series win in his 9 appearances. I laugh at his failures.

NCB Sports Predictions: Wrestlemania XXVIII
Yep. I treat pro-wrestling like “real” sports. This was actually my first “real” post on the site as well.









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