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The WAY Too Late Nebraska-Michigan Game Diary

Let’s just say the dudes at Workaholics would approve of my procrastination in writing this.

No that’s not a typo. The Huskers just pulled off an improbable (probable?) comeback against Michigan STATE just 6 days ago but yet I’m just now presenting to you my experience in Lincoln during Nebraska-Michigan weekend. I guess I’ve got that Huskers mentality right now – better late than never.

In case you’re not familiar with my Diary format you can check this out.

***All times are approximate

Friday – 10/26

9 AM MST – I started making my way to Huskerville but my drive was derailed for a bit almost immediately. Colorado has been holding onto to the Summer/Spring months all Fall but of course this weekend it just had to be cold and icy. Don’t believe me? Check out this carnage:

3:15 PM CST – Not much to say about the drive up to this point except instead of getting “Smashmouth’d” this time around I got “Biebered”. I swear to god I heard this damn song no less than 25 times during my drive through Nebraska.

What really blew my mind though was the Grand Island, NE radio hosts hyping a Ying Yang Twinz show. Seriously. Nebraska folk plus these guys? I had to hand it to Nebraska radio stations as not only did they seem to put an emphasis on playing music from this millennium this time around but they actually got some street cred by getting these fine gentleman to take a trip to The Good Life:

4:45 PM CST – Depending on where you’re coming from you know you’re getting close when you see the Penis of the Plains and the big ass flag on O Street.

Also, when the heck did Shoemaker’s move? That was one of my obscure date spots back in the day, but that’s between me and you 😉

The “Big Ass Nebraska Flag” that welcomes you to Lincoln.

5:00 PM CST – What better first stop than the baddest liquor store in Lincoln? It always seems to work out that they have a free tasting event going on every time I roll into town and I definitely took advantage of that.

Between the combination of N St. having pretty much any booze you could think of and my best friend giving me the hook-up I ended up leaving with a cart full of goodies for the weekend.

THE BEST liquor store in Lincoln. And I’m not just saying that because I worked there before and my best friend is the manager. Check them out at

5:45 PM CST – We noticed that a church opened up right next to Harry’s Wonder Bar during our walk to my friend’s pad. There’s usually a lot of praying after people leave Harry’s but that’s usually to the Porcelain God.

The new church next to the Church of Harry’s.

8-??? CST – I’ll skip the details but let’s just say that cart full of goodies was almost gone by the end of the night. Somehow we ended up playing “Guess that Rapper’s Real Name” and listening to a ton of early 90’s Rap and Jason Kidd.

I was definitely asking for a massive hangover. Or like Todd Shaw would say a BIIITCH of a hangover.

Also, what’s up with the women bartenders at Harry’s? That’s blasphemy!

(It was one of those nights where we were bumping tracks like this)

GAMEDAY – 10/27

Somewhere between 9:45 and 10:30 CST – Nothing like waking up to this

and this to get your College Football Saturday going.

12:30 PM CST – Ended up at Lazari’s Pizza on O St. to get something to eat. If you’ve never been I highly recommend their Randy Ross pizza. You’ll thank me later.

1:45 PM CST – Made our way to Sandy’s for some good old Elk Creek. After a few pitchers and a couple RumChata/Fireball shots I didn’t know if I was seeing things or if I was really standing next to a banana.

Where’s the Husker Gorilla when we need him?

4:00 PM CST – We finally found ourselves at a tailgate right near The Alley.

4:45 PM CST – The Pride of All Nebraska showed up to put the one Michigan tent on blast. Actually, in typical Nebraska fashion we were super nice to these guys and the band played Hail to the Victor for them.

 5:00 PM CST – We ran out of liquor at the tailgate so we ventured off to The Beacon since The Alley had a cover charge. No way I was paying for that with gametime being so close.

These people:

Took a few rounds of these:

RUMCHATA. This was pretty much the shot of choice for the weekend. That and Fireball.

And then I noticed this:

You should always heed this advice…

6:05 PM CST I was excited to get to the stadium to get those 50-year Sellout Towels but instead I was “randomly” selected for a security search. I’m not even lying, I have been searched every single time I had seats in non-student areas. At least I could take solace in the African-American volunteer saying he wouldn’t have searched me 🙂

Maybe I just look like such a tough guy that they feel obligated to search me EVERY time.

6:15 PM CST – I’m going to skip my analysis of the game since it took place almost 2 weeks ago but here’s a pic to prove I was actually there and I didn’t get beat up by security.

Don’t worry guys. I was OK after the search.

6:20 PM CST – Lil Red you weird bastard.

7:30 PM CST – I was pretty disappointed in the lack of Michigan fans at the game. Oh well, they didn’t have much to cheer about.

The Blue didn’t travel well…

Whenever the game ended – Game. Set. Match. Thanks for playing Wolverines.

Also, I like the idea of starting some sort of end of 3rd quarter tradition with Let Me Clear My Throat but the crowd was super lame.

Better luck next year Michigan.

After Midnight – Things got a little sloppy for Nebraska fans after the win and for those that actually wanted to be able to move and get a drink ended up at Harry’s Wonder Bar at the end of the night. Most of the bars were full of college kids dressed up for Halloween. Here’s some footage of the carnage.

If you really want to see more of this (what is wrong with you?) check out this. Sorry for the video quality on this one. I was a little tipsy. GANGNAM STYLE.

Even though I ended up staying in Lincoln through Monday there wasn’t much to report back on. I spent the entire Sunday at the N-Zone watching NFL games and eating copious amounts of food.

As for my informal survey asking the fine folks in Lincoln who has better wings, N-Zone or Watering Hole, the results were even. I received 4 votes for N-Zone and 4 for Watering Hole. Of course I didn’t count myself in the tally but if I did N-Zone would be the winner. Give me that N-Zone Gold all day, every day.

N-Zone should pay me for all the endorsements I give them. Or at least put me on the Legends wall.

I hope you all enjoyed this and hopefully the next Diary I do is either the B1G Championship Game or the Rose Bowl.




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    November 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Shoemaker’s moved?

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