The US Women’s National team Won’t Win the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Based on how well the US Women’s National team has been playing the past couple of weeks, many people believe that they are the running favorites to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As of Monday, they have made it into the quarterfinals with their 2-0 win over Columbia where they will play China in their first single elimination game. I don’t doubt that the US Women’s National team will continue with their great run and make it to at least the final or a chance in the third-place game, but there are some other outstanding teams that I think will take the cake instead of the US Women’s National team.

The US played well in the group stage scoring a solid seven points and winning their group; however, they weren’t in a very strong group compared to some of the other top-tier teams. They also scored only four goals in the three games they played with a three-goal differential whereas Japan had the same stats in their three games but won all three of their games. Furthermore, Germany scored an impressive 15 goals in their three games and only allowed one, giving them a 14-goal differential. Granted, ten of their 15 goals came from their 10-0 victory over, but even with a single goal or two in that game would’ve given them one of the best goal differentials of the group stage.

Like I mentioned, the US Women’s National team did well in the first few rounds and through their first four games, but the road ahead is going to get much tougher. On their side of the bracket going forward they have probably the strongest Germany team that they have seen in a while, or a French women’s team that has been almost equally as impressive as the US Women’s National team. And, if they end up making it to the World Cup Final, they will most likely play another heavy favorite in Japan (what a surprise there). There’s no easy way to get the World Cup win and three more wins still separate them from the title.

Look, I am certainly rooting for our home country to pull off the win and for the US Women’s National team to finally get that coveted win that they so greatly deserve, but I just don’t think this year will be their year. I challenge the US Women’s National team to prove me wrong and give us a reason for the US to get excited!

This article is a part of our ongoing “Opposites Attack” series where we aim to play devil’s advocate on hot topics in the sports and entertainment world while providing a fresh perspective of these subjects.

Featured Image: FIFA.com

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