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No, this isn’t a political post, as the picture might suggest. This is just to prove I can give credit, as well as expose the weak (see my Sad Seven).

I understand that we are only leading into week 4 of college football season, but I am always fascinated by the random teams that make it this far into the season unbeaten. Teams you would never expect to be on a list with the Alabamas and LSUs of the world have their day in the sun, if just for the first month of the year.

And I know certain teams  have played very weak schedules (like Texas Tech, whose wins include two FCS teams). Still, it’s fun to take a peek at college football’s also-rans who are yet unscathed. There are some interesting names* on the list of unbeatens, included below, along with a noteworthy stat or quip, if I can conjure one.

I counted 29 (my lucky number, by the way) total unbeatens at this point.

ACC: Just two, the obvious:

  1. Florida State (Average final score is 59-1.)
  2. Clemson

Big 12: Eight of the ten Big 12 teams are still unbeaten, three of which might surprise you:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. West Virginia (Geno Smith, one of two QBs with a 200+ rating, whatever that means.)
  3. Texas
  4. TCU (Allowed just six points in two games, QB Casey Pachall completing 84%.)
  5. Kansas State
  6. Iowa State*
  7. Baylor*
  8. Texas Tech* (Outscoring opponents 50-10 against a spongy schedule.)

Big East:

  1. Rutgers* (Allowing less than 9 PPG and the Arkansas game this week now looks winnable.)
  2. Cincinnatti (Only played two games, and a bye this week.)
  3. Louisville

Big Ten: Perhaps the most disappointing conference so far. The list of three unbeatens is astonishing.

  1. Ohio State (No postseason, remember.)
  2. Minnesota* (Yeah, they haven’t lost yet. I’m as surprised as you are!)
  3. Northwestern*


  1. Notre Dame (Once again in a class by themselves.)


  1. Ohio (Next six opponents are combined 5-13 with two of those wins by FCS Norfolk State.)

PAC – 12:

  1. Stanford (Defense still stout, the USC game was impressive.)
  2. Oregon (Fourth in rushing, scoring 54 a game.)
  3. UCLA (Franklin for Heisman, sorry Husker fan.)
  4. Arizona* (Not for long, Oregon this week.)

SEC: (Second most with six unbeatens.)

  1. Alabama (Just sick.)
  2. LSU
  3. Mississippi State* (Don’t be surprised if the are 7-0 going into the Alabama game.)
  4. Georgia
  5. Florida (They do just enough.)
  6. South Carolina (I still say overrated.)


  1. Texas – San Antonio*** (My favorite unbeaten. The RoadRunners are the pride of the WAC for now, off to a 3-0 start in their first FBS campaign. Consider me a fan!)


Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt: None, cuz they are that awesome.

Which of these teams do you think stay unbeaten this week?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian

    September 23, 2012 at 10:24 am

    Sorry guys, I missed Oregon State in this list, but they had only played one game. Their game against Nicholls State was postponed.

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