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The Inaugural ‘Cleats, Rhymes & Life’ Mailbag

Welcome to the very first edition of the Cleats, Rhymes & Life Mailbag. If you’re expecting something mind-blowing with this feature I’d temper your expectations a little bit. Although I’m shooting for a Chris Jericho-esque debut, this first mailbag will probably end up resembling the Shockmaster‘s debut more than anything.

What I plan to do with this mailbag is to regularly answer all your questions regarding sports (Cleats), music (Rhymes) and whatever is interesting in – you guessed it – Life. I’ll get to why I chose to name the CRL mailbag this way in a second, but let’s get to one of the recurring features of this mailbag…THE RECKLESS POWER RANKING OF THE WEEK.

Each week I’ll subjectively power rank random things with little to no explanation. In addition to question submissions, I fully expect you all to send me emails each week telling me how much you agree with my rankings. Me being the Paragon of Virtue and all, I highly doubt there will be many disagreements 🙂

This week’s RECKLESS POWER RANKING OF THE WEEK ranks the top five pro white receivers since I’ve been watching football (circa 1992).

  1. Wes Welker
  2. Ed McCaffrey
  3. Ricky Proehl
  4. Wayne Chrebet
  5. Julian Edelman

*It pains me to say it about a former KSU Wildcat, but Jordy Nelson is DQ’d from this list. He’s too good to be in this category.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the bag!

“W/ Gregory failing a drug test at the combine, how much do you think that will hurt him come NFL Draft day 1?”

-@DryHuskerFrog via Twitter 


Just how bad did Gregory hurt his draft stock? (h/t:

It only makes sense I start off with an NFL Draft question. The failed drug test alone probably didn’t hurt Gregory’s stock enough to push him completely out of the first round, but this Deadspin article might have done the trick.

From a pure talent standpoint Gregory is off the charts. However, even though he dominated as a pass rusher at times at Nebraska, his work ethic was always questioned. I also think he’s too slight to be an every down lineman and at that point you have to decide if you really value him that much to take him in the first. Is he quick enough to be a 3-4 backer? If he puts the work in and stays away from the hippy lettuce he has a shot, but there have been too many grumblings similar to that included in the Deadspin article to assume he’s going to have an uphill battle to succeed at the next level.

“How do you think ‘Mad Men’ will end?” 

-Baby O. via email 

Oh man (or woman?). Fans of the show have been speculating about this for years and a lot of those theories have been dwindled down to a fairly realistic list of possibilities, but I’m in the same boat as you in terms of guessing.

What I can tell you is that showrunner Matt Weiner will NOT be ending the show with Draper as DB Cooper. That theory has been floated out there for so long it’d be disappointing if he went that route and I doubt Weiner would allow the fans to dictate how he ends his phenomenal series.

Side Note: I didn’t watch a single episode of Mad Men until a few months ago. I’m now caught up. You can only imagine the types of dreams I’ve been having after binge-watching so many episodes.

“What are your top 5 (shows) to hit Omaha this year?”

-@nmaestas via Twitter

In no particular order:

  1. Grassroots Music Festival
  2. The Roots at Stir Cove
  3. Slightly Stoopid at Stir Cove
  4. Atmosphere at the Slowdown
  5. Geto Boys at the Waiting Room

If you couldn’t tell, I totally counted Council Bluffs as part of Omaha. This is the only time I’ll do that too.

“What is Cleats, Rhymes & Life?”

-@HuskerTR via Twitter

When this question was asked, I wasn’t sure if he thought I started another website project or what, but I’m assuming Travis meant “What the hell does your name mean?”. Haha.

Well, if you know me, my favorite hip-hop group of all-time is A Tribe Called Quest. They had a little album they released back in ’96 titled “Beats, Rhymes & Life”. So in a nutshell, in trying to come up with a mailbag name that lent itself to both sports and hip-hop questions I totally jacked their style.

beats rhymes and life



Welp, that’s it. You guys really need to shoot me more questions next time around. As always, leave me some feedback in the comments section. Who knows, I may think about giving away some NCB swag for the best question submitted. Peace.

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