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The Haps – 7/31 & 8/1: Riley The Racist, The NFL’s Offseason In One Photo, Hilarious “Asking For Sex” Experiment

What were the Haps for July 31st & August 1st?

Riley Cooper drops the “N” word, the Justin Bieber/Lil’ Wayne of college sports fans is identified, a Kurt Warner movie is found out to be in the works, a hilarious social experiment and more.

The Links –

Eagles WR Riley Cooper At Concert: “I Will Fight Every Nigger Here”

What can be said that hasn’t already been said the last two days?

The NFL’s offseason, summed up in one photo

Again, no words necessary.

This College Sports Fan Will Make You Sick

If Weezy and Bieber were college sports fans.

21st Century Fox buys Kurt Warner movie rights

This was also a waaaay better story than anything Tebow did.

Texas A&M-Commerce’s mid-field logo is quite large

In case you didn’t know who Texas A&M-Commerce was…well, you still don’t.

The Clip –

Asking Guys For Sex (Social Experiment)

Fantasy Football Stuff (It’s Fantasy Football Month on NCB) –



The ’90s Joint –

This will always be one of my all-time favorite summer jams. RIP Fat Pat.

[“The Haps” is a quick, casual and somewhat daily rundown of what interests Derek that particular day. His thoughts are his only and do not represent the NCB crew’s opinions as a whole, nor are they that interesting. Derek also has a weird obsession with 90’s Rap/R&B and insists on forcing his views on the time period on all those that will listen. Please help this feature become more coherent and entertaining by submitting your interesting links, videos, thoughts etc. to]

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