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The Haps – 4/8: Reggie Evans Loses Tooth, Wrestlemania Reactions

What’s the Haps for April 8th?

Reggie Evans loses a tooth, Punk/Taker steal the show, the Marlins waste money on stupid things and Jack Hoffman for president.

The Links –

Reggie Evans Gets Tooth Knocked Out; Plays Through It (Video)

Evans is a “banger’ every team needs. A tooth is what Evans needs now.

Wrestlemania Reactions

I’ll keep my analysis brief. Punk/Taker stole the show, Orton nearly got Rollins killed, Lesnar/Trips stunk up the place, Diddy must have gotten in a time machine, D-Bry is SO OVER, and I was not impressed with Cena/Rock. JUST TURN HEEL ALREADY CENA!

The sad state of the Miami Marlins explained by one amazing graphic

I’m not as shocked that the structure cost more than most of the Marlin players make as I am that the ugly monstrosity cost that much.

Jack Hoffman, you are the man!

Greatest run in Nebraska history?

The Vid –

This is amazing because now Diaw has an excuse when people ask him why he’s not working out. “Dude, I’m fat because I’ve been playing with Legos all day!”

The 90’s 80’s Joint –

I’m switching it up today since this little factoid from JA Adande blew my mind – Bernard King’s election to the NBA Hall of Fame leaves Darryl Dawkins as the only player in Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” not in the Hall of Fame.

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