The Haps – 6/7: Incredible NBA Finals Spot, Bieber Refusing Photos, ESPN “Scandal”


What’s the Haps for June 7th?

Bieber refusing to be photographed, ESPN “scandal”, incredible animated NBA Finals spot and more.

The Links –

Justin Bieber Refused to Be Photographed at Game 7 Until Someone Brought a Heat Dancer Over 

I’ll just leave this here and watch the comments fly.

The Mostly Sexless Sex Scandal That Shook ESPN

Creepy Steve Phillips is creepy.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon created this brilliant mashup of Brian Williams singing “Ain’t Nothin’ But a G Thang”

Renowned animator creates NBA Finals spot

Video: Adult runs over child to get home run ball (couldn’t pull this one from YouTube)

The ’90s Joint

Before there was Brian Williams, there was this…

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