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The Haps – 4/9 & 4/10: Kate Upton Doing Things, Sport Balls Replaced With Cats

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What WAS the Haps for April 9th and 10th?

My bad for missing yesterday and posting so late today. I’ll try to make it up to you by writing more than six words explaining what each link is about 😉

Kate Upton dominates the title game fallout, Fandaaaaango has the world humming, WWE lists the best promos of all-time, a lady climaxes at the thought of fried chicken and more!

The Links –

Kate Upton Attended The National Championship Game

As you’ve heard by now, Kate Upton attended the National Championship game Monday night and to no one’s surprise she looked good. What I do find surprising is that she’s only freaking 20 and she’s sucking face with freaking Diddy!  Sorry Spike, you’ll have to get in line like the rest of us.

Fandango’s WWE theme song rules the world

Move over Taylor Swift, Fandango is coming for you. The appropriately named “ChaChaLaLa” is killing it on the iTunes charts both domestically and overseas. To say ‘dango has turned things around and gotten over is definitely an understatement. Da da. Da da dadada.

WWE names the 25 greatest promos in history

The list is pretty good, but I disagree with the order of some of the promos and there’s ONLY ONE Macho Man appearance on the list?! Also, they forgot this gem from Big Poppa Pump:

‘Steve Harvey Show’ Guest: Popeye’s Fried Chicken Makes Me Orgasm

This b*tch crazy. Imagine if this lady ever met the Colonel? “Love that orgasm from Popeyes!” Ok, I’m out of one-liners.

Sport Balls Replaced With Cats

I hate cats, but everyone else that has even heard of the internet loves them. If the internet had a mascot it’d be a damn cat. Anyways, I owe you guys from slacking on my writing the last two days so enjoy. The link’s name explains it all.

Packing the Paint and the “2.9”

If you’re an NBA fan or just someone that appreciates strategic analysis, you’ll absolutely love this article discussing the evolution of defenses and how offenses can counter this new strategy. After reading this I felt like I could be an NBA GM.

The Vid –

I try not to do too much self-promotion on here, but considering putting this video together and actually conducting the show is the main reason I’m a little behind on my writing I thought I’d put this here. See guys, I wasn’t just napping for nearly three hours today. Just believe me.

The 90’s Joint-

THE most underrated all-girl group of not just the 90’s, but possibly ever in my mind. Destiny’s Child ain’t got nothin’ on these girls.

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