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The Haps – 5/6: Joker Phillips And MS Paint, Marco Belinelli’s Marbles Get Him Fined

What’s the Haps for May 6th?

Joker Phillips is the Picasso of the SEC, Tark the Hark gets bronzed, Belinelli’s BIG balls, Doc Hibbert goes on and on and a slew of Kriss Kross tracks.

The Links –


Anybody looking for an MS Paint Professional?

Jerry Tarkanian Statue

No towel = we riot. Ok, no rioting necessary.

Marco Belinelli’s Giant Balls Earned Him A $15,000 Fine

Damn, NBA. You have no marbles.

The Clip –

I was going to write something more interesting here, but I was hypnotized by the soothing giggle of Doc Hibbert.

The 90’s Totally Krossed Out Joints –

It’s never going to be too late to honor the Mac Daddy, plus I already did this doozy of a “write-up”. Contrary to popular belief, the Krossed Out ones had three albums. Here’s a track from each:

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