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The Haps Ft. Mariah Longo, 50 Greatest SummerSlam Matches, Michael Jordan’s Courtroom Sketch

What’s The Haps for August 19th?

Mariah Longo, Steve Smith obliterates Twitter troll, pitcher takes a line drive to the face, and more!

The Links –

50 greatest SummerSlam matches of all-time


Michael Jordan also has a hilarious courtroom sketch

Bring on the memes!

Steve Smith takes on Twitter troll after being called a punk

Cleveland Browns fans have nothing better to do right now.

Jameis Winston = TV Ratings

I guess you could say the ratings were…SKRONG

If you used Ashley Madison, chances are you are going to get caught

So that leak from a few weeks ago is going to blow up soon.

The Dime of the Day –

Mariah Longo, model…here’s why she should be on your radar



The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

The plot of Jurassic World in 90 seconds…and in Legos

Line drive to the face

Best wedding dance routine ever

The Random ’90s Joint –

[“The Haps” is a quick, casual and somewhat daily rundown of what interests Derek that particular day. His thoughts are his only and do not represent the NCB crew’s opinions as a whole, nor are they that interesting. Derek also has a weird obsession with 90’s Rap/R&B and insists on forcing his views on the time period on all those that will listen. Please help this feature become more coherent and entertaining by submitting your interesting links, videos, thoughts etc. to]

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