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The Haps Ft. Ashley Benson, New NBA 2K Trailer, G-Rated ‘Fight Club’

What’s The Haps for August 26th?

Ashley Benson, Curt Schilling gets suspended by ESPN, Gronk says he’s a virgin, and more!

The Links –

Curt Schilling made some terrible remarks about Muslims, gets suspended by ESPN

This was one of those tweets you type out and then immediately delete.

Some Steeler fans are upset with the Michael Vick signing

Get over it.

Rob Gronkowski says he’s a virgin

Well, he does act like a kid.

Miami Dolphins head coach never heard of Dr. Dre before Straight Outta Compton

No wonder why the Dolphins suck.

Is Ronda Rousey dating a married fighter that was once accused of domestic violence? 

I don’t really care about this, but the social justice folks probably do.

The Dime of the Day –

Ashley Benson, actress…here’s her hottest GIFs



The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

What if Fight Club was G-Rated?

The new NBA 2K trailer is dope

Will Ferrell lets you know about his collection of 63 pitches

The Random Early 2000s ’90s Joint –

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