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The Haps Ft. Amber Heard, Top 10 CFB Coaches On The Hot Seat, Wrestlers That Said Racist Things

What’s The Haps for July 28th?

Amber Heard, a football player teaches his dog how to play an instrument, Jean-Claude gets a supercut video filled with farts, and more!

The Links –

Chris Long is teaching his dog (!) to play the piano for some reason

Football needs to come back ASAP.

The top 10 college football coaches on the hot seat

Do these guys know Kirk Ferentz is untouchable?

Here’s a photo of Mini Me and NBA player Cole Aldrich 

I need a banana for scale.

Don’t speed in Arizona or Colorado 

I’m going to guess cops pull people over in these states with other infractions in mind.

Other wrestlers than Hulk Hogan who said racist things

We’re all a little racist, right?

The Dime of the Day –

Amber Heard, actress…here’s her on a GQ photoshoot



The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Eagles fan breaks down the Hulk Hogan situation

Eddie Murphy’s funniest scenes

Jean-Claude Van Damme + Farts = Hilarious

The Random ’90s Joint –

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