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The Haps – 8/5: Bob Ley Drops A “Hashtag: A-Hole”, Metta’s New Rap Song

What was the Haps for August 5th?

The Dallas Mavs’ leaked pitch for Dwight Howard, Bob Ley sounding eloquent while saying “Hashtag: A-Hole”, Metta’s new rap song, and more.

The Links –

Dallas Mavericks reveal their pitch video for Dwight Howard

The guy acts like a kid, so why not show him some cartoons?

And Now, Bob Ley Saying “Hashtag: A-Hole” On Television

Bob Ley = Pro

Metta World Peace Releases New Rap Song ‘Peace’

Sure. Whatever, Metta.

Now enjoy corporate hell in game (Madden) form

I’m soooo not looking forward to this type of detail.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Watch A Taekwondo Instructor Fail Over, And Over, And Over…And Over…….And Over

What. Is. This? I didn’t even know these guys were rivals.

Fantasy Football Stuff (It’s Fantasy Football Month on NCB) –

Just say “NO” to Joe Flacco. 

The ’90s Joint –

With football officially (sorta) back, summer is about done. I’ve been trying to compile all my summer jams from back in the day and stumbled upon this one. All I have to say about the first few seconds of this video is #whitepeople.

[“The Haps” is a quick, casual and somewhat daily rundown of what interests Derek that particular day. His thoughts are his only and do not represent the NCB crew’s opinions as a whole, nor are they that interesting. Derek also has a weird obsession with 90’s Rap/R&B and insists on forcing his views on the time period on all those that will listen. Please help this feature become more coherent and entertaining by submitting your interesting links, videos, thoughts etc. to]

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