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The Haps – 6/9: Most-Watched Soccer Games In U.S. History, Shelby Chesnes’ Greatest Twitpics

shelby chesnes

What’s The Haps for June 9th?

Shelby Chesnes does Twitter right, guy remembers all NBA players’ vital stats, a Louisville baseball player does something spectacular, and more.

The Links –

Guy Recites Every NBA Player’s Height, Weight and College


Nine star athletes who successfully ran for office

I totally forgot Heath Shuler was even a thing.

Employees that follow a diverse group of people on Twitter produce better ideas

Diversity is great in all aspects of life.

The most-watched soccer games in U.S. TV history

There’s a ton of games from recent years on this list.

Shelby Chesnes’ greatest Twitpics

Twitter remembers everything…and it’s a good thing sometimes.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Louisville outfielder makes ridiculous grab

White girl wasted

The Random ’90s Joint –

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