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The Essential Manti Te’o Playlist

teo-playlist“This couldn’t be a dream for too real it all seems…”

“I never met her but I can’t forget her…”

Nope, those are aren’t statements from Manti during his upcoming interview with Katie Couric. Those are sweet, sweet lines from The Temptations.

Twitter was on fire with #MantiTeoPlaylist suggestions over the last week and The New Yorker even got involved with nominating their choices, but I thought I’d join the fun and present to you my Essential Manti Te’o Playlist. It definitely has a little more of a modern flavor than The New Yorker’s mostly oldies-filled list.


Track: The Temptations – Just My Imagination

Key lyric: 

But it was just my imagination
Running away with me
It was just my imagination
Running away with me


Track: ASAP Rocky – F*ckin’ Problems

Key lyric: 

If finding somebody real is your f*ckin problem
Bring ya girls to the crib maybe we can solve it

*You could just substitute “fake” for “bad” in the hook and it’d be PERFECT

Track: Zapp – Computer Love

Key lyric: 

It’s just computer digital beautiful, beautiful love

*I really could have just pasted all the lyrics here…


Track: Jennifer Lopez – I’m Real (Remix)

Key lyric: 

The way you stare, the way you look, your style, your hair
‘Cause I’m real

Track: The Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her?

Key lyric: 

Oh, I see her face everywhere I go
On the street and even at the picture show
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?


Track: New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man

Key lyric: 

Please operator, see what you can do
I dialed the right number but I still couldn’t get through
Could you just check the line just one more time if you can
I’m pretty sure her phone wouldn’t be answered by no man

Track: Santana – She’s Not There

Key lyric: 

Well, let me tell you about the way she looked
The way she acted, the color of her hair
Her voice is soft and cool
Her eyes are clear and bright
But she’s not there…


Track: Big Boi – CPU

Key lyric: 

As I scroll through the centerfolds
Wishing that the screen was three-dimensional
I know it doesn’t seem too conventional
But it’ll do until I get you in the physical


Track: Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love

Key lyric: 

And if I ever
(Ever fall)
In love again
I will be sure that the lady is a friend

And if I ever
(Ever fall)
In love so true
(So true)
I will be sure that the lady’s just like you


Track: 50 Cent – Ayo Technology

Key lyric: 

I’m tired of using technology, why don’t you sit down on top of me
I’m tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me

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