The Definitive Collection of We Were Wrong About Paul George

Paul George re-signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder was something just about everyone, myself included, though was a pipe dream. No way George re-signs with the Thunder after pushing his way out of Indiana because he wanted to return “home” and play for the Lakers.

But at the crack of midnight on Sunday the news came forward that George would indeed be re-signing with the Thunder, in fact he agreed on a four-year deal worth around $137 million. It seems Sam Presti and crew also through in the tears of the entire Lakers fan base in the deal as well because “We didn’t want you anyway” Twitter was in full force.

Here is a look back at the No Way Paul George Re-Signs tweets that now live on in cold take infamy.

Here is the always right Jason McIntyre proclaiming there is no shot.

Chris Palmer was ready to pre-order his Lakers PG-13 jersey.

Not so quick Molly

Just about as good at predicting the future as Shawn was at DJing.

Here is hoping he was double wrong.

Sometimes you shouldn’t trust that gut feeling.

The Colin Cowherd Wing

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