The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Exit Survey

With Marvel FINALLY dropping the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame, it’s officially #speculationSZN. The NCB crew reacts to the teaser and discusses their favorite theories for one of the most anticipated movies of all-time.

Is it April yet?

Marvel finally quenched our collective thirst for Avengers content this past Friday, and although it wasn’t as action-packed as we all had hoped, the trailer fed off of the emotional gut-punch Infinity War delivered and got all our minds spinning.

Here’s what the NCB crew thought of the teaser.

On a scale of ‘The Dark World’ to ‘Black Panther’, how hyped did the ‘Endgame’ trailer have you?

Robby: As a longtime Paul Rudd fan, this trailer felt very vindicating. Ant-Man got the big reveal at the end showing that he’ll be a big part of the story. Which means that this movie is already headed towards being better than Infinity War, which was sans Ant-Man. Black Panther will soon have some competition at the top of MCU rankings.

Brian: Somewhere in the middle? There’s not much to this one at all; it feels very much like Marvel felt they need something out for their movie that’s four months away. But I’ll take it, nevertheless.

Derek: The idea of the trailer was more exciting than the trailer itself, but if you accept it was only ever goin to be a teaser in the truest sense of the word, it did it’s job. That’s assuming Marvel didn’t just lie to us about err thang.

Scott Lang’s appearance in the trailer made it pretty clear some sort of time jump happened since the events of ‘Infinity War’ – how much time are we looking at here? 1 month? 1 year? 10 years?

Derek: I think we’re getting some sort of time traveling storyline (we have to, right?!), but I think the Lang dialogue was more of a red herring than anything else. The reason Cap asked if the footage was “old” because everyone assumed Lang was dusted.

Robby: Captain America had time to shave his beard, but Tony Stark is adrift and hasn’t really grown a beard. So by the science of looking at facial hair, it seems like some time has passed but not much. Although, Hawkeye looks like he’s aged by at least a decade, so I’ll compromise and say about one year has passed since the snap.

Brian: Having still not seen Ant-Man & the Wasp, I couldn’t tell you, but now I know he doesn’t die in that movie!

Speaking of theories, from Hawkeye’s appearance to Tony being ‘stranded’ in space to Cap’s ‘plan’, there was no shortage of theory fuel and/or speculation jump off points for Marvel fans. What’s your favorite theory?

Brian: I think the idea of Tony not actually doing anything throughout the entire movie besides getting some 30 second cutaways of being stranded in space as he slowly dies would be a very, very weird kind of hilarity.

Derek: I’ll tell what’s not my favorite: The (insert Avenger here) is a Skrull speculation.

Now that Captain Marvel is a thing, you can literally say that for every Marvel movie moving forward. It’s going to get annoying fast.

Robby: I usually avoid theories, but I do like the idea of a Hawkeye heel turn. Trading in the bow and arrow for a Katana is a 1000% upgrade on the cool meter.

Share your favorite still/caption combination:




Based on what we’ve seen, what’s your guess for what the ‘Endgame’ post-credit scene(s) will consist of?

Brian: It’s 100% going to be some sort of X-Men or Fantastic Four revel/tie-in.

Robby: I hope it’s just Thor retiring on Asgard with Valkyrie as his wife and Korg as his best friend.

Derek: What Brian said and, although he wasn’t in the trailer, some epic tribute for Stan Lee that’ll have all of us cutting onions.

How are you going to kill time from now until April?

Derek: Consuming ungodly amounts of Endgame theory content.

Brian: Rewatching all of the poorly edited Infinity War scenes on Youtube.

Robby: Barking like M’Baku when someone tries to tell or show me a spoiler leak for this movie.


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