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TFX: The Fantasy Experiment (Week 9)

Rooney Mara social network girl with the dragon tattoo new york giants pittsburgh steelers
Rooney Mara pittsburgh steelers new york giants social network

The Battle for Rooney Mara

This week featured a trophy game of sorts. When she’s not in the Social Network or starring with James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara is the great granddaughter to (and named for) both the founder of the New York Giants, Tim Mara, and the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney Sr. The two teams played each other Sunday afternoon in The Battle for Rooney Mara. Of course the Giants let me down, giving Cumbee a win.

Andrew Cumbee has no idea how to run a distance race. Apparently he’s never watched cycling, and his only knowledge of track and field is from the old Nintendo game. Over the past few weeks, we had been reeling Robyn in, cutting into her big lead. Two weeks ago Brian got the win bonus, and I got the fan bonus to finally cut her lead to single digits for the first time since Week 2, and everyone was within earshot. Nope, he had to blow it this week. Brian had a shot to get back into it as well. He beat Robyn three times (Broncos-Bengals, Colts-Dolphins, Saints-Eagles) and needed Cumbee to drop just one of their two match ups. But selfish Cumbee’s Seahawks (over Vikings) and Falcons (over Cowboys) had to ruin everything.

On top of that, Cumbee had to let Robyn’s Chargers beat his Chiefs. Cumbee should have known my Raiders weren’t going to beat her Buccaneers nor were my Titans going to get past the Bears. Seriously!

With two byes this week, there was only so much I could do. I beat Cumbee once (Panthers-Redskins), but it wasn’t enough. (We can ignore the fact that my Packers and Ravens beat Brian’s Cardinals and Browns respectively. That’s not relevant here.)


Brian (Brown Tea Party) 0 3 00 1 3
Robyn (Carmen San Diego Chargers) 0 0 12 1 3
Cumbee (Wild Wild West) 2 1 11 0 5
Parker (Newsies) 2 0 10 2 3

The Win Bonus
Winning the week earned four bonus points. Selfish Cumbee wouldn’t share so he took it all for himself.

The Fan Bonus
Every other week fans are asked to decide a winner to a random (No Coast) Biased contest. The winner of that contest gets an additional four bonus points. So even though a player may have a rough week, the fans can keep them in the hunt by appreciating their savvy. This week’s Fan Bonus Contest requires the players to come up with a Halloween costume for an NFL team. You decide the winner. Due to me forgetting to update last week, you get a few bonus days to decide!

  • Robyn:  I’ve been too distracted by the San Francisco Giants’ World Series win to pay much attention to football recently. I’m told the Tennessee Titans defense can’t be found, so I’d dress them up as Carmen Sandiego. 
  • Parker: With all their injuries, I would dress the Baltimore Ravens up as the 4077, a M*A*S*H unit
  • Cumbee: Put on a potato sack and carry some apple turnovers, and you’re the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Brashaw: “I’d be barrel man, the old Denver Bronco dude that wore a suspender-draped barrel and nothing else to games.” [editor’s note: I don’t think Brian understands how this works.]

The Standings
With the win results and just the win bonus this week, a total of 20 points were at stake. Here are your leaders.

Point Totals Graph

With the win results and the win bonus this week, a total of 20 points were at stake. Here are your leaders.

WinsWin BonusFan BonusWeek TotalSeason Total
Robyn (Carmen San Diego Chargers) 3 3 60
Cumbee (Wild Wild West) 5 9 52
Parker (Newsies) 3 3 48
Brian (Brown Tea Party) 3 3 48

Week 9 Results (Byes: Patriots, Jets, Rams, 49ers)

Every team is color coded: Brian, Parker, Robyn, Cumbee
























Rooney Mara pittsburgh steelers new york giants social network

Steely Eyes

Rooney Mara pittsburgh steelers new york giants social network

The Girl with the Parker Losing Another Fantasy Match Up Tattoo




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