(Fake) Leak Alert: Tim Duncan Pens Moving Farewell to Fans

Tim Duncan is hanging it up.  The ageless wonder who finally aged a little and one of the best players of all time is finally going to retire.  In 2016, what do most athletes do when they’re looking to ride off into the sunset? Some pen articles in Derek Jeter’s Players’ Tribune, but others take out the seemingly requisite full-page ad in their local newspaper to thank the fans.

So, we here at No Coast Bias were able to pull a few strings with our homies down at the San Antonio Express newspaper and get them to share a quick look at what Duncan hasbe cooking up to say goodbye to a fan base that loved him so dearly.

(Author’s note: here’s a rough cut pictured below.)


As you can see: he retired much as he played. With a goofy look on his face, and hardly saying anything.

Good luck and godspeed, The Big Fundamental.


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