Take/Off | Tuesday, April 24 | Playoffs, Baby!

Join No Coast Bias writers Brian Hall and Alex Schubauer as they discuss and debate the biggest news and hottest takes from around the NBA. Be sure to share your thoughts with them on Twitter, or by commenting.

This week, we have a couple of house cleaning items to discuss. For starters, we talk about Russ Westbrook averaging a triple-double yet again this season, and why people aren’t as excited about it this time around. We also look at all of the coaching jobs available right now, and I try to convince Alex that Phoenix is a better job than Milwaukee. The assets, you guys!

We then dive all the way into the playoffs. As this was recorded on Sunday morning, a number of games have happened since then. We were definitely right about everything! We definitely thought the Pelicans would sweep the Trailblazers! We we sure that Milwaukee and Washington would tie their series’ up! We just knew that Utah could take total control of their series against OKC! (That last one is actually kind of true). Anyway, we discuss every series, and look ahead at potential second-round matchups a little as we know them.

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