Take/Off | Monday, March 12 | The Raptors Are Legit


Join No Coast Bias writers Brian Hall and Alex Schubauer as they discuss and debate the biggest news and hottest takes from around the NBA. Be sure to share your thoughts with them on Twitter, or by commenting.

This week we discuss the Raptors, who are a very real, very legit team in the East. Will they tighten up their bench rotation for the playoffs, despite it being the best in the NBA? Who’s to say?

We also look at some teams sliding out west, and try to determine who has the most to be worried about. Al thinks the Spurs are safe, but I’m a bit worried. We also look at all of the injuries that happened last week.

Finally, we discuss both the Timberwolves signing Derrick Rose, and the very excellent Kevin Love Player’s Tribune article.

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