Take/Off | Monday, February 5 | Deals, Deals, Deals


Join No Coast Bias writers Brian Hall and Alex Schubauer as they discuss and debate the biggest news and hottest takes from around the NBA. Be sure to share your thoughts with them on Twitter, or by commenting.

This week we cover the big ol’ Blake Griffin trade that happened early last week, and discuss who is now in better shape between the Clippers and the Pistons. We also look at the Rockets, who are rolling right now, and discuss a bit about James Harden. I’m a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to his style of play, admittedly. We also look at the moves Boston has made or is trying to make. Greg Monroe is in! Marcus Smart may be out! Finally we, again, address the Cavaliers, because we can’t help but do it at least once an episode.

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