T-Pain & Lil Wayne Just Released A Mixtape Titled ‘T-Wayne’


Over the course of my lifetime I’ve become accustomed to not getting exactly what I’ve wanted in life, I’m not going to be 6ft tall, JoJo isn’t going to show up on my doorstep and Detox will never see the light of day. Among those things that are probably never going to happen was the idea that T-Pain & Lil Wayne would finally drop their join project….well it looks like I’m going to be answering the door in my Sunday’s best everyday going forward.

Last night T-Pain took to Instagram to post what I thought was just a hip hop thirst trap, teasing all of us that have been hoping to hear this elusive project since 09. Well it looks like those dreams have become a reality.

T-Pain followed through with an eight-track mixtape that he dropped on both Soundcloud and here. While this isn’t new material, it is exactly what I was hoping for all those years. Now I’ve got my fingers cross for the first ever 31 year-old growth spurt and one JoJo to get stranded in a small town in Jersey because we all know we ain’t getting Detox.

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