Superstar Shake-Up Live Diary

The WWE supplemental draft has become a time honored tradition following WrestleMania. Tag teams can break-up, relationships can be destroyed and ratings can stay just about the same.

This year’s superstar shakeup is fueled by RAW staying on USA and Smackdown moving to Fox. Who will they move? What tag team is going to get the “break-up” angle? What title will switch, but end up back on the same show by the end of Tuesday night.

Much like the NBA draft we have the Superstars, the Upside Guys and of course the Foreign-Born guys all ready to get drafted…well moved to an opposite show.

Without further ado….

8:02 PM: Who gets boo’d more Roger Goodell or Shane McMahon?

8:08 PM: Miz is announced as the first Superstar to change brands. Continues his feud with Shane & his desire to bleed from the side of his head.

8:12 PM: Looks like Ricochet & Aleister Black are going to remain a team and on RAW. Was hoping to see this team end via the shake-up.

8:18 PM: We get our first call up. The War Raiders have now become IVAR & ERIK The Viking Experience….well hopefully only the name is a flop.

8:33 PM Okay, you don’t want to say War on PG TV I get that. But was Raiders not catchy enough?

8:35 PM Cedric Alexander will move up from 205 Live to RAW. He’ll also be dropping the Alexander is 2-3 weeks.

8:41 PM: RAW is TRANQUILO! Andrade & his business associate Zelina Vega join the Monday night show. He debut match on RAW will be for the IC title against Finn Balor.

9:00 PM Elias should really drop another album.

9:04 PM Rey Mysterio makes his return to RAW. Starting to think WWE is just going to switch rosters completely.

9:05 PM Gene Snitzky’s son is now attacking Mysterio

9:15 PM The Usos join RAW…which was telegraphed last week when they dropped the Smackdown titles to the Hardy Boys. RAW now officially has a tag team division.


9:35 PM Sami Zayn is quickly becoming one of the top heels in the company and I didn’t see it coming.

9:41 PM The Great Tag Team Ever is now in the ring. Lets see what The IICONICS have to say.

9:43 PM Naomi follow her husband to RAW and teams with Bayley to take on The IICONICS.

9:51 PM This turkey in the gimmick is already over in my eyes.

9:52 PM EC3 becomes an official member of RAW by getting his ass whooped by Braun Strowman.

10:00 PM WWE decided to throw up a graphic to let us know Eric Young is now on RAW. His Sanity crew seems to be left in the dust.

10:16 PM Nattie vs Lacey Evans should be an interesting 2-3 week feud.

10:18 PM Or it will be a quick match coming up now. Lacey Evans also declared she is now on RAW. Guess that means Charlotte is sticking with Smackdown.

10:30 PM Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins have now become the Outsiders.

10:35 PM A follow up to the turkey in the box vignette. Now we get a kids haunted playroom. Yay!

10:42 AJ Styles leaving his house to move next door. With a bit of a creepy uncle beard.

11:00 PM Styles, Reigns & Rollins win the 6 man tag match and that ends the first half of the Superstar Shake-Up.

Tuesday 8:00 PM We kick off night two of the Superstar Shake-up. Promised a huge addition to Smackdown, best guess is Brock Lesnar.

8:05 PM Kevin Owns starts things off dressed to impress. 2 chairs means it could be acquisition time!

8:13 PM Kevin Owens thrusting all over the ring wasn’t how I imagined the show to start, but here we are.

8:16PM The Big O hip thrust experience was interrupted by Smackdown’s newest addition Finn Balor.

8:21 PM Mustafa Ali vs. Finn Balor? Yes, please.

8:30 PM Big O has never had a pancake before?

8:42 PM We’ve only had 1 acquisition and it’s almost 45 minutes in. Seems like Smackdown might be getting a lot more in the supplemental portion.

8:51 PM Looks like the son of Snitsky knows no brand.

9:00 PM Start of the second hour, we’ve got Becky 2 Belts but only 1 move.

9:03 PM Spoke too soon Ember Moon made the move to Smackdown.

9:04 PM Bayley makes it a party, she is now on Smackdown.

9:10 PM After a few interrupts from IICONICS, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, we finally get Paige’s new tag team Asuka and Kairi Sane…because of why not amirite?

9:25 Lars Sullivan officially a member of Smackdown. Joy!

9:35PM Buddy Murphy the best kept secret is officially on Smackdown. Looking forward to his matches with Mustafa, Finn Balor & maybe even Kofi Kingston if we’re lucky.

9:52 PM Vince McMahon out to make the big announcement.

9:54 PM Vince announces the big acquisition is Elias!?

9:57 PM Looks like it was a good ol’ fashion swerve and Roman Reigns is on Smackdown.

9:58 PM Roman knocks out Vince and proclaims this is his yard, to the roar of the crowd. Seems like the fans aren’t going to turn on Roman just yet.

10:00 PM That’s a wrap on the Superstar Shake-up.

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