Predicting Super Bowl 50’s Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is by far the most popular day in the world of sports, and one of the most betted sporting events of the year. Many people are going to be rushing to online betting sites like Bovada and Bet DSI or calling up their bookies to submit their final bets on the big game.

Betting on the Super Bowl outcome, MVP of the game and scoreline are some of the more popular and traditional bets that’ll be placed. But lets face it, that’s the boring way to win or lose money on Sunday.

The real way to get an adrenaline rush while consuming endless amounts of wings and beer is gambling money on the prop bets.

Bovada has rounded up a list of Super Bowl Special prop bets you can put money on. I’m going to break down some of these prop bets and help you win some money.

Coin Toss:

Heads -105
Tails -105

Prediction: The saying “tails never fails” exists for a reason. If you want to win money you’ll choose tails. If you want to lose money, then chose heads.


Will Mike Carey be wrong about a challenge?


He must be consulted on live broadcast and must clearly take a stance on his position. Book Manager’s decision is final. If not consulted wagers will be No Action.

Yes +145
No -190

Prediction: Mike Carey has to be shaking in his boots about the potential of being brought in during the live broadcast and giving his thoughts on a challenge. It seems like every time he speaks on a challenge call, he’s wrong. He will get a challenge wrong during the Super Bowl. Don’t be surprised, though, if he just leaves mid-broadcast and quits, especially if it’s an extremely close call. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it.

Will the Panthers player who scores their first TD give the football to a Boy or Girl?

Boy -200
Girl +150

Prediction: At first, my gut reaction was they’ll hand the ball to a girl, mainly because girls are more sweet and innocent at a younger age than boys are. I feel like the Panthers are softies at heart and would give a girl something over a boy.  This prop bet doesn’t classify age though and I doubt kids are going to be sitting that close to the field, especially during the biggest game of the year. The first row end zone seats are going to be dominantly occupied by men in their late 50’s dressed up as Panthers or Broncos. I’ll say a boy gets the first TD ball.

Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in the post game interview?

Must be on live broadcast, book manager’s decision is final.

Yes +500
No -1000

Prediction: Peyton Manning isn’t a ‘announce retirement during the post game interview’ type of guy. I think he will be retiring at the end of the season (unless his wife gets another shipment of Human Growth Hormones), he just won’t be announcing it right away. We’ll get some subliminal message in May during a Nationwide or Papa Johns commercial saying he’s retiring if you play it backwards.

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

Orange +125
Blue +300
Clear +400
Yellow +400
Red +600
Green +1000
Purple +4000

Prediction: I have two predictions based on who wins the Super Bowl.

If the Broncos win, I’m saying they dump orange Gatorade. Orange is by far the worse type of Gatorade out there and the Broncos seem like a team who have horrible taste in athletic beverages.

If the Panthers win, I say they take it old school and dump some nice, crystal clear water on Ron Rivera. The Panthers are a team who likes to celebrate. I also imagine they always properly hydrate. They’ll have all they’re Gatorade jugs just filled up with various flavors for them to consume so they don’t cramp up. They’ll have one jug put aside filled with water and that will be their ‘celebration jug’.

I think the Panthers will win the Super Bowl so I’m going with clear.

How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the Broadcast?


From kickoff to final whistle, halftime does not count towards wager, book manager’s decision is final.

Over 2 Even
Under 2 -140

Prediction: Over 2. The great Phil Simms is on the broadcast. He can’t get through a simple sentence without repeating words. When Jim Nantz brings up the dab, Simms will ramble on, stumble over the word and say it at least three times in one sentence.

How many times will “John Fox” be said during the Broadcast?

From kickoff to final whistle, halftime does not count towards wager, book manager’s decision is final.

Over 1 -140
Under 1 Even

Prediction: John Fox has coached both the Panthers and Broncos. He was just recently fired by the Broncos. Again, Phil Simms is on the broadcast. They’ll say John Fox’s name more than once.

Will Ted Ginn Jr. drop a pass?

Must play for action.

Yes -130
No -110

Prediction: Big game. Everyone’s nervous. The Broncos secondary is very good. Teddy Ginn is known for dropping passes. He will drop a pass.

There’s a reason this tweet exists

How many times will the Golden Gate Bridge be shown during the Broadcast?

From kickoff to final whistle, live pictures only. Halftime does not count towards wager, book manager’s decision is final.

Over 0.5 -400
Under 0.5 +400

Prediction: The CBS broadcast will 110% show the Golden Gate Bridge once during the game. The tricky part to this bet is halftime not counting towards the wager but with the amount of commercial breaks there are during the Super Bowl, we’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge a few times.

Will Peyton Manning be seen crying at any point during the entire Broadcast?

Live pictures only, must clearly see a tear, Book Manager’s decision is final.

Yes +500
No -1000

Prediction: No way Peyton cries during the broadcast. He doesn’t come off as a cryer type of guy. Plus I think HGH closes up people’s tear ducts anyway, so he physically couldn’t cry even if he wanted to.

Will the announcers mention that Kubiak was Elway’s backup during the broadcast?

From kickoff to final whistle, halftime does not count towards wager, book manager’s decision is final.

Yes -140
No Even

Prediction: I had no idea this was even a thing until I saw it on Bovada. I’m sure 90% of people watching the Super Bowl didn’t know about this either. That being said, Jim Nantz always has these little fun facts he throws around during the game and this will be one of them.

Will either Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders be mentioned during the Broadcast?

From kickoff to final whistle, halftime and commercials do not count towards wager, book manager’s decision is final.

Yes +200
No -300

Prediction: Donald Trump just endorsed Peyton Manning and the Broncos a few days ago so I’m sure Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will somehow work him into conversation.

Will Peyton Manning throw a Pick 6 in the game?

Must start for action.

Yes +300
No -500

Prediction: Peyton has thrown a pick 6 in two of the three Super Bowls he’s played in. The Panthers defense he’s going up against is extremely talented across the board. Manning’s arm could be compared to one of those noodles you play with in a pool.
Yes, he’ll throw a pick 6.

Will there be an earthquake during the game:

Announcer must indicate there was during live broadcast from kickoff until final whistle. Book Manager’s decision is final.

Yes +1000

Prediction: California is the earthquake capital of the world. There’s little tremors that happen all the time there. I don’t think they’ll be a big enough earthquake where the announcers acknowledge it. It is possible though that Phil Simms confuses crowd noise to a noise an earthquake makes. He may say something stupid about how it sounds like an earthquake in Levi’s Stadium but I don’t think that’ll win you any money.

Will “Left Shark” Make an appearance on stage during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Yes +1500

Prediction: No, no and no. Beyonce is coming back for another Halftime Show and she doesn’t need the assistance of Left Shark to kill it on stage. I think Cold Play is also performing at halftime, and I can’t see Left Shark fitting into their show. I also can’t name one Cold Play song in case you were curious about that.

Will either backup QB take a snap in the game?

Yes +200
No -300

Prediction: I don’t think so.

Will there be a penalty for excessive celebration?

Yes +250
No -400

Prediction: The No Fun League will let celebrations slide for this one game.

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?

Team +200
God +200
City/Fans +600
Coach +750
Family +1500
Doesn’t Mention Anyone +225

Prediction: God. It seems like every single athlete thanks God after every little thing they do. They stop the microwave with 00:01 on the clock “big thanks to God.” They drive past a cop going 90 mph in a 65 zone and the cop doesn’t pull them over “shout out to God for looking out.” There’s nothing wrong with being religious and thanking Big Guns Upstairs.  I just think if athletes do it so much there’s no reason to leave him out now after winning the MVP of the biggest game they’ve ever played in.

How many wings will Buffalo Wild Wings Sell on Super Bowl Day?

Buffalo Wild Wings must make an official announcement which will be used as official source.

Over 12 million -150
Under 12 million +110

Prediction: There are 25 Buffalo Wild Wings in Colorado. A certain smoking substance is legal in Colorado. Since most Bronco fans will be in Colorado to watch the game, I’m sure they’ll be mighty hungry for some wings during the game. Since Buffalo Wild Wings gives you the opportunity to eat wings while watching the game I think it’ll be a hotspot. The answer to this bet is way over 12 million wings. They may sell over 12 million wings alone in Colorado.


Those are most of the prop bets Bovada had to offer. There were a few more like some cross-sport bets you could do, but if you’re betting those, you’re doing way too much.

I hope you win endless amounts of money.


If you win any money after using my picks, I’m entitled to at least 50% of the winnings. It’s only fair since I shared my thoughts with all of you. If you lose money though, I’m not responsible for it. That’s what you get for trusting a stranger. Didn’t your parents ever teach you about stranger danger?

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